Getting Organised for 2016

¬†Even though Christmas hasn’t happened yet, my mind has moved past it already (blame working in the publishing industry; there I’m getting started on 2017). Potential New Years Resolutions are streaming through my mind, and knitting-wise, the same one pops into my head each year (just like the perpetual “I will lose weight this year!”): stop buying so much yarn and knit down the stash.

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Lunch Break WIP: Irish Coffee


This post shouldn’t be called “Lunch Break WIP.” This should be “Every spare moment I get WIP” because I can’t seem to put this project down, and I’m not typically a monogamous knitter. I haven’t even looked around at other patterns on Ravelry, which is usually a daily ritual (several times a day to be exact).

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Lunch Break WIPs: Spin Me Right Round

Nearly halfway done!

I’ve been busy not knitting at lunch! It’s been quite nice, actually, even when I consider how close Christmas is (46 days, if you wanted to know). With all the projects that need to be completed and sent out by the end of this month, you’d think I would focus more.

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