Lunch Break WIP: Irish Coffee


This post shouldn’t be called “Lunch Break WIP.” This should be “Every spare moment I get WIP” because I can’t seem to put this project down, and I’m not typically a monogamous knitter. I haven’t even looked around at other patterns on Ravelry, which is usually a daily ritual (several times a day to be exact).

I am knitting Irish Coffee by Thea Colman, and I blame Malia from Yarnraising. I’ve kind of eyed this sweater for years, but when I saw how hers turned out and then the picture of her with a couple of other knitters in their Irish Coffees, a switch turned on. I had to have one now.

I’m knitting this out of a recycled sweater’s yarn. Remember way back when I posted about recycling sweaters? My intention was to simply unravel the hood and then create a collar. The other day, I decided that wasn’t enough. I wanted to unravel the entire sweater. Because I’m a big girl and that’s a big sweater, it took some time to do this.

I’m sure I drove my husband crazy with all the snips of yarn and fluff lying around everywhere. He was pretty great about it overall, though. At one point, he took the piece I was unravelling and would rip out the stitches while I wound everything onto my niddy noddy. I ended up with about 1600 yards of worsted weight yarn, perfect for a new sweater.

Since casting on on Sunday (after the whole time-out shelf debacle), I haven’t been able to stop working on this sweater. The picture doesn’t even show what I did last night. I’ve completed two repeats of the cable pattern since then. This project is just flying. I don’t know if it’s the desire to wear the sweater or simply because I really enjoy working on it. Either way, I may have a new sweater to wear soon!

That being said, I do have other projects I need to work on. This Friday marks the start of the Suburban Stitcher’s Monster Cowl KAL. I’ve printed out the pattern, and I’m now working on figuring out how I want my colours arranged. I also need two knit two ornaments for my knitting group’s annual Christmas party, the cowl I forsook to the shelf, a couple of hats, and the rest of Ken’s actual first sweater (An Aran for Frederick).

Have you ever gotten so into a project that it’s all you can think about/work on?

12 thoughts on “Lunch Break WIP: Irish Coffee

  1. It is so nice to be that into a project. Your excitement over your new sweater project just spilled into your post. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater. Good luck with finishing all of your projects.

  2. I sometimes stick with one project from start to finish. More often, I have 2-3 going at one time and a few more waiting to be finished or frogged. I just love to cast on. 🙂

  3. I’ve just popped over to Ravelry to have a look at the completed ‘Irish Coffee’ – looks lovely, no wonder you are hooked. Also I find that cabling can be quite satisfying for some reason.

  4. Just checked out that pattern. It look gorgeous. And with no big sleeves to do you should be finished in no time. I’ve several WIP for Christmas. I’m constantly whipping one of them in and out out my bag depending on who is in the room. I wish the recipient of the cable scarf would stay out of the way a bit more 😉

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