In Defense of Swatches

The former sock

I tend to disregard swatches. In fact, I think I’ve made one swatch ever. I’m not a huge fan of knitting stockinette flat, so it’s just not something I do. I learned yesterday just how important this particular knitting technique really is.

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Weekend Wrap-Up: Casting On

Starting up the next pair of socks

Oh what a weekend! I don’t know about elsewhere in the country or around the world, but we got perfect fall knitting weather. I mean perfect! It rained almost all of Sunday, and was just pleasantly cool on Saturday. I don’t know if we even barely reached the 80s (at least, that’s what it felt like). I loved it.

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Knitting Conundrum: Knitting Heels

I really enjoy working on socks, but I’m the first to admit I’m a novice on the subject. I’ve successfully made 2 pairs of socks, 1 toe up and 1 cuff down. That’s it. I’m currently working on the 3rd. The part I tend to struggle with the most is the heel. There seem to be many ways to knit one! What’s a girl to do?

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WIPs: Socks, Shawls, and Sweaters, Oh my!

The puckering in the middle is finally going away!

My projects finally seem to be moving forward, despite a few hiccups along the way this week. The big project is going a bit slower. The  sweater is nearing 7 inches long, which is about the halfway point of the body. However, finding the time and motivation to sit down to simple stockinette is proving more challenging than I anticipated.

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WIP: Springgrass Socks

Almost three repeats of the pattern in

After a couple of hours working on the toe (I’m slow, I know) on Sunday, I finally got to the lace pattern yesterday morning. During my break, I decided I’d get a start on the lace, completely terrified of what kind of mess I was about to create.

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Weekend WIPs (and FOs)

My version of Thick and Quick Ribbed Cowl by Naomi Adams

My needles have been super busy! This weekend my husband had a bowling tournament, so I ended up getting a lot of knitting done. (Granted I used bulky or super bulky yarns) The total number of FOs was 4: 3 cowls and a hat.

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WIP: Husband Sweater Day 3

Finally, progress on the sweater

I thought I was so clever on Tuesday! I said I had checked the sweater a couple of times and made sure it was not twisted. To be fair, I had. Problem being, I hadn’t checked that closely and I had checked it late at night. A few rows in Tuesday evening, I realized there was indeed a twist and that I would have to start again.

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