Lunch Break WIPs: Spin Me Right Round

Nearly halfway done!

I’ve been busy not knitting at lunch! It’s been quite nice, actually, even when I consider how close Christmas is (46 days, if you wanted to know). With all the projects that need to be completed and sent out by the end of this month, you’d think I would focus more.

I’ve spent a few lunches at home with my husband this week and last rather than at my desk, which has meant I could spin instead of knit. I realize drop spindles are very portable, but I don’t want the yarn to get messy as I spin. I throw everything in my purse, and I can just imagine something snagging into the yarn or getting stuck.

As much as I love to knit, I’m really digging starting near the beginning of the process. No fuss, no distractions, just drafting and spinning. It’s almost hypnotic. What I like best is that I’m adding a whole new dimension to my creativity. First I “create” the yarn, so to speak, and then I “create” the finished project. I get to spend more time with the fiber, which is wonderful. I may soon get a chance to go back one step further, as a farmer mentioned he’d look into some wool for me.

Right now, I’m spinning BFL wool top roving in Aqua Moon by Three Waters Farm. Three Waters Farm is, so far, the only source I’ve really used for fiber. Granted, I’ve only bought fiber 3 times. The third purchase should arrive today, in fact! (Pre-rule, I promise! Haha.) I want to try another source sometime, but I have to say, there’s something about finding a good company and sticking with them. I have absolutely no complaints about Three Waters Farm. They’re always prompt with delivery and the fiber is oh so gorgeous.

When I ordered this last purchase, I also bought a bottom whorl spindle that came with some bright yellow fiber from SpindleMeRightRound. I have a top whorl that came with a learner’s kit that I bought a couple years ago. It’s really nice, and I love using it. I read online, though, that it’s easier to ply with a bottom whorl, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’m trying to not get too addicted to this craft, but I think I’m failing. Spinning and knitting, I tell ya!

If you spin (or felt or any other craft that uses roving), what’s your favorite source for fiber?

One thought on “Lunch Break WIPs: Spin Me Right Round

  1. Gorgeous fiber. In terms of fiber options I have had success with Paradise Fibers (online) although they have been updating their site periodically. I got my wheel through them (Kromski Prelude) and have bought a variety of fiber through them. If you are looking for “bulk” purchases they have decent discounts. I have also purchased some work horse fiber from Knit Picks, (I learned how to spin on their bare line), and I recently picked some gorgeous BFL fiber from Rose Tree Fiber,( I don’t know if they ship or not.) Ravelry might be helpful in finding more places (I hear spunky eclectic is really good.)

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