Lunch Break WIPs: Smocked Sock

The erasers have moved to a new project!

I’m nearly done! After all that struggling with the heel, I’m finally almost done. Well, I’m almost done with sock number 1.

I’ve been working slowly but steadily on this sock for a couple weeks now. The purple sock went much faster, but I also wasn’t learning anything new with that one. The smocked sock has involved learning smocking and a whole new heel. And man, did I ever butcher that heel on this first go around. That’s what I like about socks, you might mess up on the first one, but you’re bound to do better on the second after learning from your mistakes.

Usually I try the sock on as I go to make sure it’s fitting right and to get a good idea of how it’ll look. It also instantly shows me where I might have holes. I don’t typically have holes with a gusset heel, but this sock was a different matter. There were two places that had holes. Not the kind of hole made by a dropped stitch, but when I met back up after the heel. The sock also might be a little too snug on me, but I can think of a few people who would gladly take these off my hands, so I’m not really worried about it.

Didn’t Elizabeth Zimmerman say something about making a sweater and then finding the person to fit it? I may be putting a wrong name to the concept there, but anyway, point is, I plan to do that with socks: make them and then find their Cinderella.

Although I’m on the fence about keeping them, I’ve decided I’m not going to make a very long leg on the sock. I don’t really like socks that come halfway up my leg or to my knee. I tend to get fidgety with them or push them all the way down to my ankle. I’ve always been more of an ankle sock fan, unless I’m wearing boots for some reason. That means I’ll probably only finish this repeat before starting the ribbing and then casting off. Then I can start sock two! Yay!

What projects are you working on? Any socks?

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  1. You’ve been knitting and writing with such passion..been gone for two weeks and with no computer am just getting caught up with reading and writing. Love your socks.

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