Modern Baby Crochet by Stacey Trock (Martingale)

Modern Baby Crochet by Stacey Trock Martingale

Modern Baby Crochet by Stacey Trock

The babies are booming lately (not that the boom ever really seems to slow)! I have several friends expecting or who have just had their bundles of joy arrive. What better way to celebrate these new, adorable additions than with some beautiful crochet presents?

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WIP: Despicable Me Minion

A couple years ago when the first Despicable Me came out, I fell madly in love with the minions. They are so cute! I’ve told my family on several occasions that I would watch a whole movie, 2 hours or longer, of just minion antics. Obsessive? Probably. Then a couple months ago, I was so excited to find out they’re releasing a sequel! I can’t wait to see it!

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Giving Crochet a Chance

Ugly, wonky swatch. Can you tell which end mom started?

As most people around me know, I hesitate at the word “crochet”. All I picture are granny-square afghans for miles. Recently, though, I visited my mom and spotted her working on a baby blanket. There was nothing “granny square” about this blanket. It was soft, elegant, and enchanting looking. Dare I say, it almost looked like Emma’s blanket from the ABC show Once Upon a Time.

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