WIP: Theoden Socks


A new WIP in our new home

It’s been a busy couple of weeks as we settle into our new place in our new hometown. Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, including the yarn (yay!), I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and get some work done. Of course, why work on an old WIP when you can start a brand new one?

I am working on the Theoden Socks by Claire Ellen in the Heritage Paints yarn by Cascade. I’m not entirely sure what the colorway is called as a kitten thought the label made an excellent toy. I’d say it’s a mix of greens, mostly forest green. It’s gorgeous one way or another!

I have to make a confession, too, before I get too far into this post. I broke a resolution. See, I got to a point my first week in Michigan that I missed my yarn really badly. The only knitting project I had left out of packing was dad’s sweater, which I finished before we left Texas. Everything else got packed into our Relocubes. Everything.

So, once we were in our new hometown, I dragged my poor husband to one of my new LYSs, Sticks & Strings, and I might’ve bought some new sock yarn. I couldn’t help it! It would be almost a week before I saw my yarn again, and the store was such a great place. I mean, it was amazing. There are three rooms full of yarn. It was a job picking just one thing and not trying to run off with everything. The selection was incredible. Best part? This store is also on my way home from work! I ended up buying this sock yarn and two sets of ChiaoGoo DPNs.

It took a bit to work out what pattern to knit. Instantly, I knew I wanted to work on the beautiful Tara socks by Janneke Maat. Unfortunately, by the time I was done with the foot, I realised that none of the design was visible with all the colour changes. I realise there’s not much design to mask, but still. Nothing was showing up. I ripped it out and spent a couple more days hunting, which is when I came across Theoden.

S0 far, I am really pleased with how the sock is turning out. I think part of the problem with Tara and this yarn was that the design was too delicate, so it was blending in with the colours. Theoden has strong, bold cables that really pop out. I love it!


I also worked more on my Ridge Hat by Irina Dmitrieva. I started this back in January on my way to the job interview here in Michigan. It sat half-finished until I unpacked last weekend. I actually worked on this before starting Theoden. I’m about 3 rows away from the finish line. Why isn’t it finished? I ran out of yarn! I need only a couple of yards! My lovely husband ordered me more Malabrigo Worsted in Pollen (which means this stash-busting project was truly a bust). That should arrive this week, and then I can finally finish my hat.

I have a couple of big projects coming up that I’m excited about, too. Unfortunately, none of them involve finishing current WIPs (oh, darn!). I’m going to be starting the Amaryllis Hat by Mary Ann Stephens for my Grandmother’s birthday present (her birthday is two days before mine, May 22nd, so I have to get a move on), and I will also be working on the High Tea Cuffs by Andrea Jurgrau for mom for Mother’s Day. These needles are about to be very busy!

What projects are you working on? Oh! And my husband and I are planning on going to the Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor this weekend. Anyone else going?

14 thoughts on “WIP: Theoden Socks

  1. I love the peachy hat! I came here b’c put a comment on Theodens sox, thanx for answering here what yarn u are knitting with. Beautiful colorway. This may be a way to get my feet wet in Celtic design, which I LOVE! Thanx for the idea. I’m working on a Lacy Plum afghan kit from Knit Picks, a sock for a baby and a car seat lap blanket for a baby and a Seahawks scarf for my daughter.

  2. Love the green socks!! I’m going to add the pattern to my queue. How exciting to move, start a new job and find a new yarn shop!! Enjoy.

  3. Those colors remind me of a rainforest! I have been looking for the perfect emeraldy sock yarn, and that might just be it.. I guess I’ll have to do some detective work. It also looks like it had just the right amount of variegation so that it doesn’t fight the cables, which is awesome!

  4. I wish I could go to Ann Arbor with you! We lived in the Detroit metro area for 16 years and I loved it. After my husband retired we moved east to PEI Canada and then to Maine 8 years later ……… let’s say I love being back in the USA! But I sure do miss Michigan …..

  5. Those socks are great! I completely understand the need to 1.) check out yoru new LYS, and 2.) buy some yarn so you would not be without for a minute, let alone a week! Glad the shop is so wonderful and handy.

  6. Well, I think it was an excellent decision to visit your LYS during your first week in town 😉 It’s the right thing to do in so many ways!

  7. Nice to see that you made the time to treat yourself to some knitting time. Well deserved, I’m sure. The socks are stunning! The cable work…the colour and the picture! Enjoy your new home!

  8. Both of these are beautiful, but that blue/green yarn is amazing…. Want! Want! LOL It must be the 9824 Forest colorway. Now I know what to look for.
    Those cables are amazing . . . I have sort of a fetish for cable patterns, will have to add these to my collection! And I love to make hats, they are so small and portable, and a wonderful way to try new cable patterns. Looking forward to seeing the final on both items! And congrats on getting unpacked – that is a tough job!

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