Knitting 101: Some More Fixes

As you can imagine, issues come up with purl stitches and stockinette as much as with knit stitches and garter. In fact, a lot of the same issues come up. I hesitate to call them mistakes, though. While that’s exactly what they are, I think “learning experiences” is more accurate, particularly because these so-called “mistakes” will become techniques in other forms of knitting.

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WIPs: Socks, Shawls, and Sweaters, Oh my!

The puckering in the middle is finally going away!

My projects finally seem to be moving forward, despite a few hiccups along the way this week. The big project is going a bit slower. The  sweater is nearing 7 inches long, which is about the halfway point of the body. However, finding the time and motivation to sit down to simple stockinette is proving more challenging than I anticipated.

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