WIP: Husband Sweater Day 3

Finally, progress on the sweater

I thought I was so clever on Tuesday! I said I had checked the sweater a couple of times and made sure it was not twisted. To be fair, I had. Problem being, I hadn’t checked that closely and I had checked it late at night. A few rows in Tuesday evening, I realized there was indeed a twist and that I would have to start again.

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Toe-Up Socks and My Master Plan

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to get started on my fourth toe-up sock attempt. That may be being a bit generous. The actual number is probably quite higher. Anyway, I brought yarn and needles to work and cast-on (twice). I think I confused my intern, who walked in as I was working my third row. No one has seen me knit at work (although I’m sure they all know I do occasionally during my lunch hour).

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New Year’s Resolutions: My Knitting Goals

Tis the season for those infamous/dreaded New Year’s Resolutions! We’ll all promise to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with our families, manage our finances better, clean the house more often, and everything else we can think of to make ourselves overall better people this year.

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