Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp is once again not going so well. After a tough week when I couldn’t summon any creative energy, I am now just under 8000 words behind. Ooftah! That’s all I can really say to that. Then again, it’s better than yesterday, when I was around 12,000 words behind.

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I’m in love with this colour!

I finally had a decent amount of time yesterday to really work on my shawl. Before and after going out walking with my friend, I sat down and just knit. It was wonderful. That, and we had no Internet.

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Now comes the challenging part

The final trip around

This is the part I struggle with, the part I almost always mess up. Usually, it’s too tight, almost never too loose. It always looks a bit wonky, but that also can be attributed to my lack of precision with blocking just yet. It’s the best part and the worst part. It’s the bind-off.

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The Shawl Blues

Not sure if I like it yet.

I finally got to the feather and fan part of the pattern last night, but I don’t know if I’m happy. As the shawl has gotten bigger, so has my concern about it. The colour is beautiful and the yarn is cushy soft. I’m just starting to become less and less happy with the product as it develops on my needles.

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