J’Adore Tuesdays: DIY Sofa Pillows

My husband and I have been cleaning a lot lately and getting rid of a lot of junk. Now, we’re finding that our house is slowly getting ready for some personal touches. We rent, so nothing can be permanent or nailed or screwed in, so we have to be a bit creative with how we want to do things. One of the easiest ways we can freshen up our decor is through pillows for our sofa.

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WIP: Moustache iPhone Case

The pieces to my iPhone case

A funny thing happened on my way home last night. I pulled out my iPhone from the owl iPhone case to change from Noah and the Whale to Rizzle Kicks, and I nearly dropped the phone. The new plastic cover, which I love, is so slick that my phone actually slides around like a bar of soap. I caught it just in time, but I realised the method of carrying my phone like I did when it was in the Otterbox was going to have to change.

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