New Toys

New Knitting Toys!

I’m so excited about this! After a really long, quiet day at work, I was absolutely exhausted. When I got home, though, I saw a friendly little Knit Picks box on my doorstep. My new knitting toys had arrived!

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Weekend Wrap-Up

After a really hectic last half of the week (hence the real slow-down on posts), I had the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in ages. With the rain falling steadily through Saturday and a little bit Sunday, it was so nice to just stay in and do nothing.

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Knit Picks’ Comfy Worsted Yarn

What’s left after the project: 1 full skein and about 1/4 of one

I thought I’d take a moment to review the yarn I’ve been working so much with lately: Comfy. After all, with thousands of stitches now under my belt with the shawl (which is blocking right now, yay!), I’ve had a lot of time to become intimately acquainted with the yarn.

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Weekend Crafting

1 down anyway

Well, I started the big decoration project, but I didn’t get too far. I forgot that back in high school, I hated when we made the paper mache pinatas in  Spanish class. I hate that gooey glue feeling. I don’t know how exactly I forgot, but it definitely came up again as I started to make the yarn ball decorations.

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Procrastination at its best

Feather and fanning it up now

I don’t know what it is, if it’s not liking the yarn as much as the Malabrigo or being proven that lace really is ugly at first, but I’m not loving this shawl as much as the yellow one. The cotton is soft and it’s not rope-like; I hesitate to blame the yarn at all, really. There’s just something I’m not loving. Oh, well. I signed on this long, I really can’t quit now.

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