J’Adore Tuesdays: New Year’s Resolutions

I shared a couple of my knitting New Year’s Resolutions last week. While I think I’ll do okay with those, it’s my personal resolutions that will be a bit of a challenge. Over the past week, I’ve gathered apps that I hope will help me, and I thought I’d share my personal goals and some of the apps I’ll be using! I’d also love to hear what apps you use.

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FO: iPhone Cover and 1/2 Sock Project

My Owl iPhone Cover

I had a busy weekend! On Friday morning, I decided I needed an iPhone cover/carrier. As I usually wear ┬ábusiness clothes to work, I don’t always have pockets. Why would this be a problem? I walk to work and like to listen to Kelly Petkun’s Knit Picks Podcast. I needed a way to listen to the podcast as I walked without fussing with the earbuds constantly popping out or having to hold the phone.

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