WIP: Hemlock Shawl 2

From grey-purple to yellow!

It’s coming along very slowly, this shawl. You’d think that after having just made one, I’d have realised just how much time this pattern takes. I’m nearing row 30 of 70-ish, so I’m not even quite halfway through.

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Now comes the challenging part

The final trip around

This is the part I struggle with, the part I almost always mess up. Usually, it’s too tight, almost never too loose. It always looks a bit wonky, but that also can be attributed to my lack of precision with blocking just yet. It’s the best part and the worst part. It’s the bind-off.

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WIP: Hemlock Shawl

Shawl in progress

I really thought I was going to make more progress on my shawl last night than I actually did. I started at row 14 and finished last night at only row 30.  I don’t think the pattern was too difficult, though I did have to look up psso (if I read right, it’s the same as skp, so all that fuss for something I already knew).  I was just mentally exhausted. This has been a really long week.

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