Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn Pt. 2

Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

Last week, my friend Stacie came over and helped me dye some yarn. Originally, she was going to help me paint the frames for the living room, but I jumped the gun and finished before she got here. While cleaning up, I found some of the Kool-Aid packets I had purchased a couple months back for my Kool-Aid Cowl. She’s an artist and loves colour. It seemed like the perfect match!

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Adding to the Stash: Sugar n Cream Scrubby

Sugar 'n Cream Scrubby

During a recent trip to Michaels to pick up magnetic paper and neon-colored paints, I came across this interesting yarn. It’s called Sugar n Cream Scrubby. It has these soft ridges along the edges but is still pretty soft. Has anyone used this before?

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The Kool-Aid Cowl

Before the dye

In the midst of busily cleaning my house last night, I decided I’d finally dye the Kool-Aid Cowl. I pulled out my many packets of Kool-Aid, determined what kind of color I wanted to aim for, and got started. As per usual, I have difficulty following directions, but I used Knitty’s directions for the most part.

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Busy Weekend

Needles and yarn ready to get started on the sweater

This weekend felt crazy busy, but I got a lot done! On Saturday siblings teamed up to coordinate getting a new radio put in dad’s car, then I tagged along with my husband to bowling for a couple of hours. I’m really not into bowling, so I brought my knitting along and steadily worked at my stitches, occasionally getting picked on by my husband’s friends.

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Kool-Aid and Wool

What do Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and Kool-Aid have in common?

Last week was a week of¬†indecision. I’ve started and torn out stitches over and over again. I want a cowl. I know I want a cowl. I just haven’t been able to get that going. Then, indecision hit the socks. I didn’t finish the socks, and I really should’ve been able to. Then I tore out the blanket. No more blanket. Nothing got ¬†finished last week.

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