Weekend WIPs (and FOs)

My version of Thick and Quick Ribbed Cowl by Naomi Adams

My needles have been super busy! This weekend my husband had a bowling tournament, so I ended up getting a lot of knitting done. (Granted I used bulky or super bulky yarns) The total number of FOs was 4: 3 cowls and a hat.

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The Kool-Aid Cowl

Before the dye

In the midst of busily cleaning my house last night, I decided I’d finally dye the Kool-Aid Cowl. I pulled out my many packets of Kool-Aid, determined what kind of color I wanted to aim for, and got started. As per usual, I have difficulty following directions, but I used Knitty’s directions for the most part.

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Busy Weekend

Needles and yarn ready to get started on the sweater

This weekend felt crazy busy, but I got a lot done! On Saturday siblings teamed up to coordinate getting a new radio put in dad’s car, then I tagged along with my husband to bowling for a couple of hours. I’m really not into bowling, so I brought my knitting along and steadily worked at my stitches, occasionally getting picked on by my husband’s friends.

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Organizing My Stash and Other Revelations

The cowl I wrote about last time, modeled by my lovely but unnamed Rhino.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve stared at the bottom shelves of my bookshelf. I’ve wondered, could I put my stash there? Will my husband freak out if I do? What if I did it anyway? So, last night, I decided to do it.

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On the Needles: Cozy blanket and bearded beanie

This weekend, despite having had a rough week and anticipating another one immediately after, was extraordinarily productive for me. Earlier last week, I had knit a lovely seed-stitch cowl (photo to come), which I absolutely adore. I used 90 stitches cast onto size 17 straight needles with Charisma (Michaels brand Loops and Threads) in cream. I’d never done seed stitch, but it seemed simple enough to give it a shot. Four Doctor Who episodes later, I stitched the edges together and voila! Gorgeous cowl.

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