On a Quest for a Good Book to Knit With

I’m in a pickle. I don’t get a chance to read very much, other than blogs in the morning. See, I’m an editor, so I spend as much as 9 hours a day reading technical textbooks and instructional materials. When I come home, I just can’t be bothered. Lately, though, I really want to read something!

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The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

I have a new-ish obsession that I would like to share with you. Well, not really that new; I’ve been hooked for a couple of weeks now. Anyway, it’s the YouTube Vlog called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

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WIP: Moustache iPhone Case

The pieces to my iPhone case

A funny thing happened on my way home last night. I pulled out my iPhone from the owl iPhone case to change from Noah and the Whale to Rizzle Kicks, and I nearly dropped the phone. The new plastic cover, which I love, is so slick that my phone actually slides around like a bar of soap. I caught it just in time, but I realised the method of carrying my phone like I did when it was in the Otterbox was going to have to change.

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