Weekend Wrap-Up: Busy busy busy!

Smocked sock

I had a very busy but productive weekend! I can proudly say that almost all of my knitting supplies are organised, and our spare bedroom is well on its way to being empty, which has been a goal of mine since we moved in nearly a year ago. I even made progress on the new sock (picture above)!

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On the Needles: Cozy blanket and bearded beanie

This weekend, despite having had a rough week and anticipating another one immediately after, was extraordinarily productive for me. Earlier last week, I had knit a lovely seed-stitch cowl (photo to come), which I absolutely adore. I used 90 stitches cast onto size 17 straight needles with Charisma (Michaels brand Loops and Threads) in cream. I’d never done seed stitch, but it seemed simple enough to give it a shot. Four Doctor Who episodes later, I stitched the edges together and voila! Gorgeous cowl.

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Earflap Hat: Keeping Busy

I was completely clever this weekend. After visiting my folks, my mom and I went to one movie while my husband went to another. We all agreed it would be best if my mom dropped me off at our house rather than trying to mess with matching up schedules. It seemed perfect! Until I realised, settling into my favourite chair, that I had none of my knitting projects with me or the yarn my little brother had purchased for his new hat.

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