First handspun yarn

Kinky, crooked, wonky yarn, but I love it.

I did it! Well, sort of. I’m not sure if my excitement is totally appropriate considering all the kinks and unevenness. Somehow, though, I’m still pleased.

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Lessons learned while spinning

Left: currently spinning
Right: first spinning

I’ve taken to spinning more than I thought I ever would. After buying the kit two or so years ago and barely using it, I figured spinning just wasn’t in my stars. Lately, though, I seem to have a need to pick it up whenever I have a spare moment.

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Procrastination at its best

Feather and fanning it up now

I don’t know what it is, if it’s not liking the yarn as much as the Malabrigo or being proven that lace really is ugly at first, but I’m not loving this shawl as much as the yellow one. The cotton is soft and it’s not rope-like; I hesitate to blame the yarn at all, really. There’s just something I’m not loving. Oh, well. I signed on this long, I really can’t quit now.

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