Sad Week: Little Miss Rizzle


With a sad heart, I must say that Rizzle (aka Rizzle Cakes, Rizzle Kitten, Rizzle Dizzle Dazzle) passed away yesterday from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). We only received the diagnosis Monday, but over 24 hours, her condition deteriorated quickly. We will miss her terribly. It’s not the same knitting without someone trying to eat the yarn. That being said, I will return to writing next week, just going to take some time.

It would seem 2012 is not my year.

Christmas WIPs: Niece’s Sweater

Niece’s Sweater

It’s Friday! Woo-hoo! After the hectic week at work I’ve had, I’m ready to slow down for the weekend. I’m actually genuinely excited for tomorrow. No, nothing big is happening. I’m just excited to relax a little bit.

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve got my “costume” all ready for work. It’s a bit haphazard and more inspired by than actual costume. The hat was thrown together this morning with felt and superglue, but you might recognize the knit bow from a much earlier post. Those pieces, black trousers, a brown jumper and my new shoes make up the extent of my “costume.” Can you guess who my inspiration is?

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A Wednesday Tune: Mississippi Isabel by King Charles

I have been listening to King Charles’s album for about a month straight now. Never fails, if I need a good cheer-up, his music will do the trick, and lately I’ve been knitting stockings along to it as well. It’s just feel-good stuff! I thought I’d share one of my current favorite tracks with you in honor of the middle of the week – Wednesday!