High Tea Cuffs


This is an older project, but I have been dying to share them with you. Now that the gift has been given, I don’t have to worry about spoiling any surprises.

Before I moved to Michigan, mom and I had a girls’ night out that ended at Barnes and Nobles. She had been telling me all about these beautiful cuffs she had seen when accidentally perusing the knitting section of Raverly (she’s a crocheter interested in just crochet). They were gorgeous and she really wanted me to make them.

So we stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits. She had fallen in love with the High Tea Cuffs by Andrea Jurgrau. Dad and I then conspired to make these her as a present.

I had to adapt the pattern a bit. When I bought the magazine, I thought these were mitts. I know, I really need to start reading patterns first. I couldn’t tell by the picture how short they were. The model has on these long sleeves that meet right where the cuff ends. They’re more like wristlets. They’re absolutely gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. They’re just not what I had envisioned.

So here came my first attempt at serious pattern adaptation. Luckily, everything turned out. I won’t spoil the pattern for anyone, but you can see what I did on my Ravelry project page. Please note that there was a printing error in the published magazine. I don’t know if it was fixed later, but I do know there is an errata available on the Interweave page. The designer was amazing and shared what to do in the comments section on the project page. There’s a link on the pattern’s page to the errata now.

The actual pattern (pre-adaptation) is great. The instructions are very clear, and the chart was easy to follow. Whether you’re making a cuff or adapting the pattern like I did, I recommend trying this one out.

These mitts were made out of KnitPicks Gloss Lace Yarn in Lilac. Mom is a purple nut. I was really unsure of the colour, but it was the closest purple I could find. It ended up being perfect! I’m so happy with how these mitts turned out.

What projects are you working on this weekend?

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