Hand-knit Weather!


Off to work, looking a bit like a pack-mule

Are you excited? I’m super excited. Finally, in Central Texas, I was able to wear some of the things I knit, with our weather finally dipping into the 30s. The wonderful weather didn’t last long, but I’m hoping it comes back soon!

The other day when the weather finally reached freezing, I dragged out all of my knits. This is the time of year I wait for. The first day of chilly weather, I wore what you see in the picture above, my new Dryad scarf and a hat made out of my handspun yarn. A couple of days later, the windchill was in the 20s, so I was even happier! I wore my Thorpe hat (by Kirsten Kapur), which I made almost two years ago now, my Selbu mittens, and a cuddly linen stitch cowl. It was heaven.

With our “chilly” weather (I hesitate to say cold because my childhood was spent in South Dakota, which really did get cold in the winter) upon us, my needles have been craving more knits for me. I usually knit things for other people or knit something because I want to make it and then give it away when I’m done. I do have six hats to make and send out before Christmas, but my eyes keep straying to Ravelry.

Now that it’s winterish weather, I want a bunch of cowls, a whole set. I want some more hats. I want fingerless gloves that actually stay on, rather than the big brown ones I knit last winter that keep falling off. I need to replace my sorry-looking Selbu mittens with some better made ones. I want, I want, I want. Luckily, I have a decent sized stash that can accommodate my wants. Unfortunately, I have to focus on the Christmas list first, or I’ll never get done.

Which is why, of course, I cast on A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik this morning. I might need to work on this focus thing.

How are your holiday projects coming along? Are you taking time to spoil yourself too, or are you focused on the loved ones in your life?

16 thoughts on “Hand-knit Weather!

  1. I love your scarf and the colour is gorgeous! it looks so cosy and warm! I love it when it starts getting cold and you can wear all your winter items! I get to wear extra as I get really cold in my wheelchair. I just love that scarf!

  2. I’m so jealous that you can complete a scarf. I get half-way through and I get bored and it winds up on my WIP shelf. Also known as the abandoned shelf.

  3. Beautiful scarf. I am finally catching up on some reading, just so you know, South Dakota is in a wind chill danger advisory this morning. So much for walking three blocks to get the mail.

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