FO: The Irish Coffee Sweater



I couldn’t resist. During our trip to Houston this weekend, I had to wear my new sweater. I worked on this sweater like a madman. Every spare moment was taken up by this thing, and happily so. I had no goals, had no reason to knit so fast at all, but when I realised how far along I was last Wednesday, I set what I thought was an impossible goal. I wanted to finish the sweater in a week.

To be fair, this yarn, which was recycled from another sweater, is a heavy worsted yarn, and I knit tall stitches. Anyway, I dragged it along on our way to Dallas on Saturday and finished it before we had even started the college tour for my husband. Happy dance! I finished the sweater in less than a week! The picture isn’t great (I’m posing at NASA because I really wanted a picture of my sweater), but I’m so happy with the result!

Now what am I working on? Oh, that’s getting to be a long list. I just organised my knitting shelves and realised that what’s listed on Ravelry as my WIPs are not all of my WIPs. Right this second, though, I’m working on my Monster Cowl by Julia Allen. I’m stash busting with this pattern, using up all the leftover Doctor Who colours from my brother’s ginormous scarf this summer. I love it! The pattern so far is really easy to read (and memorise), and now that I can knit backwards to avoid the purl row, it’s going much quicker.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re interested, the Monster Cowl KAL is underway now over on the Suburban Stitcher’s Ravelry page. It runs from November 15th to December 31st, and there will be prizes.

What projects have you been working on?

31 thoughts on “FO: The Irish Coffee Sweater

  1. That’s lovely! I’m still working on my retro cable sweater as I went wrong a few times and had to ‘un knit’ or start from scratch a few times, so will probably loathe it and give it away to charity by the time I’m done! Is that pattern on ravelry too?

  2. It looks great! I am knitting away on several Christmas presents right now. I have never undertaken an adult sweater because I am too scared it wont fit. Maybe someday I will get the courage. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I’ve been wanting to knit a fisherman sweater. Know of any place I can get a good pattern? -RB

  4. I love it! Perhaps I’ll have to get back to the sweater I started over 5 years ago and left in a pile feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. It’s nothing nearly as involved as what you’ve made but my goal (fingers crossed!) is that I’ll be able to wear it one day. Even if it’s in the dark with no one around me. 🙂

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