The Time-Out Shelf

I was not a very happy knitter this weekend. One of my projects completely misbehaved, and then the cats helped it misbehave more. Needless to say, that project was tossed up onto the time-out shelf, and I haven’t gone near it since.

So what happened? Let me start by telling you what the project is. I am working on the Biscuit cowl by Bonnie Sennott. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m using Capretta from Knit Picks in Admiral, which turned out to be way darker than I was anticipating. Because it’s so soft, I went with it anyway (and because I’d already bought it).

The problem did not come from the yarn. It came from this gal. I twisted the stitches. Yep. I almost never twist my stitches. I check my stitches several times before joining in the round. I didn’t do that this time. I checked twice and then went on my merry way. It wasn’t until row 13 that I realised something bad had happened. There’s no fixing that, so I’ll have to start over.

That’s not the end of the story. I sat the project beside me on the couch so I could sulk like a little kid. After a couple of episodes of Supernatural, I glanced over and realised the project was gone. Gone. Ampersand, the younger of our two kittens, is notorious for stealing my knitting. Thankfully he doesn’t eat the yarn. He does, however, unravel it, which is what he had done. He had dragged the project around the legs of our sofa, making a very lovely spider web of Capretta yarn. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with him. To save this project, I’m not only going to have to start over, but I’m also going to have to untangle yarn.

I’m consoling myself with a new project. I could finish the building pile of WIPs, but I can’t help myself! Dianne from the Suburban Stitcher podcast, one of my new favourites, is hosting a KAL starting this week, which I will be participating in.  The project is the Monster Cowl by Julia Allen. I’ve been wanting some more cowls for my wardrobe, and I need this one. It’s so fun. If you want to participate (which you should), go to Dianne’s Suburban Stitcher Ravelry page.

Did I mention there will be prizes? Because there will be prizes. Not to mention the best prize of all: You get a gorgeous cowl that I hear is a really fast knit and could be done in time for Christmas.

I’ve been looking through my stash, and I think I want to knit one with Doctor Who colours. I realise how nerdy that just sounded. I don’t have a lot of worsted in my stash, but I have those colours, and they look great together. I need to sit down with the pattern and map out exactly how I want to do this. I might try to do that tonight, along with blocking some projects that I completely forgot to do this weekend.

14 thoughts on “The Time-Out Shelf

  1. Awwww, that’s a drag ;( Sounds like you’re more than making up for it though! And cowls are a thing for me at this time of year…just can’t wear enough!

  2. I don’t knit but my goal is to learn how to one day. (when I can find the time) I do sew – a lot – and totally have a time-out shelf too! I enjoy your blog. 🙂

  3. I love that the cat knew you had made a mistake and decided to “help” you out in their unique way that only a cat can! I had an incident with a sweater, alpaca and a puppy and a pair of chewed circular needles! The KAL sounds like fun, I will check it out!

  4. I really feel sorry for you. But I did have to love when reading your post. Sorry. Don’t have a cat but I realised that 2 year olds are a bit like cats. We recently had a living room filling super chunky spider web made by the little one whilst the big one (well 4yrs) tried to desperately create another hairband on the knitting fork on the other end of the ball.
    I hope that you will one day be able to make that beautiful cowl – after a reasonable time on the time out shelf obviously 🙂

  5. I really want to try capretta! it sounds dreamy. I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with the project, but sometimes they just need to be put in time out so they can think about what they’ve done.

  6. Ohh how frustrating! Poor you :(. My kitty used to eat wool, but two very expensive operations later, she seems to have grown out of it, thank goodness. I think starting a new project is just what you need to take your mind off it!

  7. Ah I would’ve gone into serious meltdown mode haha! I can sympathise though, as a beginner knitter 80% of my projects end up on the time out shelf!

  8. Ha! The “time-out shelf”! What a perfect name for the pile I have sitting in my studio.

    Sorry about the fiasco, though.

    P.S – LOVE the name of your knitting-stealing-kitty.

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