On the Needles: Dryad Scarf

Time for its close-up!

Time for its close-up!

Ever since I finished Ken’s sweater, I’ve been drawn to my WIPs. I have way too many, and I’d like to finish some of them up. The one that’s been calling to me all week has been the gorgeous Dryad scarf by Jared Flood.

I started the Dryad Scarf back in July. When I picked it back up this weekend, I had about 3 repeats done of the cable pattern. I’m now just starting the 13th repeat. It’s just so addicting to work on! The cable chart is really easy to use. I probably could’ve ditched it a while ago, as I know now what’s going on and what everything should look like, but I’m tending to knit early in the morning and late at night. That means I’m prone to mistakes. So, for safety sake and because I love this scarf so much, I keep the chart handy.

I’m using Malabrigo worsted in Pollen, and the cables are just popping. I’d probably be done now if I didn’t pause and squish the yarn in my hands every now and then. I just love this scarf! I cannot wait to wear it the one day in Central Texas that it’s chilly enough for a scarf. (Yep, I’m going to be selfish. This scarf is mine!)

Well, can you believe it? It’s November! The sweater for the October 30 Day Sweater Challenge is over, and now it’s time to start NaNoWriMo for November. I’m a little overwhelmed because I also have a list of WIPs and projects I want to get started. I’m going to have to figure out a really good schedule so that I can get everything done.

What projects are you making for the holidays? Or are you, like me for most of my family, buying gifts?

13 thoughts on “On the Needles: Dryad Scarf

  1. Your scarf is wonderful!! I’m knitting gifts for 8 people – washcloths (done), sweater, mittens, 2 hats, cowl, socks, (all WIP) and an afghan that will be given as a box of 24 skeins of yarn!!!

  2. Beautiful scarf, and isn’t it fun when you get into the pattern so much that you don’t need a chart. I understand using it as I have had to back up a few times and that isn’t fun. Looks lovely.

  3. That is one cozy looking scarf and those cables look perfect in that yarn! As far as gifts, I always plan on giving my kids some hand knits for christmas but somehow I always end up giving it to them before the holidays.

  4. It is Gorgeous! I adore cables, and these are beautiful. I will have to try a bit of that yarn, it gives such wonderful detail.

    I tried the 30-Day Sweater Challenge. Had this idea of blending two patterns, one cable and one lace, to design my own. I kept getting all messed up trying to design my own cable pattern and finally used the excuse of having too much work to do and didn’t finish…. Bad Leiah! No Biscuit! LOL

  5. OMG, the holidays are coming so fast I probably won’t get any gifts made this year..again. I love the pattern in your scarf. Looks like it will be so warm and snuggly 🙂

  6. Oh I love this! The cables are amazing, I love how well defined they are and how much they pop out!
    I’ve only just started to think about Christmas and as always I’d like to make a knitted or handmade gift for everyone but it’s way too ambitious. I’ll do my best, make as many as I can and buy the rest. So far, I have one pair of handwarmers done and another on the go. I have a couple of scarves planned and some little wolf mittens for children. Wish me luck! 🙂

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