30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Five – or Done!


Ok, usually the weekly wrap-ups for the sweater challenge this month have been on Friday, but I couldn’t wait! For one thing, Friday this week is November 1st, the day after the challenge’s end. Second of all, I’m done!

I’m so excited! I avoided the sweater for most of last week, but did get it washed and blocked on Wednesday. Then on Saturday, home alone, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and finish the project. Sewing the body together was easy. I guess practicing seaming on the purse the other day helped a bit. I took my time so as to minimise errors, and everything turned out great!

Then I got to the sleeves. Ah, the sleeves. This is where things went awry. I mistakenly thought I could just sew them on with no help/idea what to do. Halfway through the first sleeve, I knew I’d messed up really badly. I reached the halfway point on the arm hole and only the 1/3 point on the sleeve. I ripped out the seam, paused for lunch and to get my nerves back, and found a tutorial.

The sweater is far from perfect, but I’m happy with it. More importantly, my husband, who has been wanting a handmade sweater for nearly two years now (and reminding me frequently), now has his very own sweater! He’s very happy with it, which makes me willing to ignore the mistakes. For a first sweater, I think this turned out pretty well.Β He wore the sweater to church on Sunday, and he and my mom both took turns bragging about it. I’m not great accepting compliments (just a shy person!), so I turned beet red.

My needles have been itching to work on other projects, so I’m really happy to be done! I need a cowl for my mom’s friend, two ornaments for knitting group, a hat for a friend’s baby/toddler, M’s hat (which also needs some yarn dyed), and . Oh, and I really need to send my baby brother his Doctor Who scarf. He’s going to college in South Dakota, and it’s been below freezing a lot lately (hehe).

What projects did you work on this weekend?

23 thoughts on “30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Five – or Done!

  1. That looks fantastic! I have one of those on the needles for my husband, but I had to rip out 7 inches of the back when I realized the center panel was way too narrow to be the right size. 😦 Yours is beautiful! This weekend I finished a lion costume for my 15mo old daughter. I was pretty pumped.

  2. Nice job on the sweater!! Can’t see a single error! I worked on my granddaughter’s sweater, my son’s socks, my son-in-law’s hat, and my daughter-in-law’s mittens this weekend. And none of them is anywhere near finished!!

  3. I have to disagree with “far from perfect”. The sweater is a lot closer to perfect than you may think – probably a next door neighbor, at most two doors down. It looks great, and it’s loved by the recipient. What’s not perfect about that?

  4. Hurrah! Finished before the deadline with time to spare. Well done.
    I love how (rightly) proud your husband is of it. My husband won’t let me knit him one. I think he is still traumatised by an early experience of another female relative making him a sweater with noticeably uneven sleeve lengths.

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