30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Four

I cast off! Yay! I wish I could say that that meant I was all done with the sweater challenge. In truth, the challenge has yet to begin.

As you may have noticed in Monday’s post, I started procrastinating really early this week. In fact, I procrastinated all the way until Wednesday. Finally, my husband asked if I was ever going to block his sweater, which was just the push I needed. I got out my big plastic tub, some Soak, and got to work. Washing is the easy part. I figured procrastinating in that part was pretty useless.

It’s the blocking I was nervous about. I’m not new to blocking. I just haven’t done that with these shapes before. Deep breath. I dragged out my blocking wires and got started. Everything is in the spare bedroom drying now. I’ll check on it again this afternoon to see how things are going. Because I had knitting group last night, I kind of just ignored the sweater.

Next is seaming. My seaming is kind of meh. I haven’t had a lot of practice. I think that’s why I decided to finish that purse this weekend, so I could get in a little more practice time. If the sweater is dry tonight, which I think it should be, I’ll pull out my metal blunt needle and get started.

Then, on to the collar! The goal is to be completely done by the beginning of next week. Technically, I have until October 31st, Thursday, to get things done, but I want to building some himming and hawing time as I know I’m a little nervous. Plus, if anything goes wrong, I’ll still have time to fix it.

In the meantime, my eye has begun to wander. All of a sudden, I want to knit another sweater. (Or finish Ken’s other sweater.)

What are your crafting plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Four

  1. More sock knitting for me! I’m finishing up a pair and will probably work on another pair in progress. I keep adding people I want to makes sock for Christmas to my list, so I have to keep knitting!

  2. I may start something small like baby or toddler socks if we spend enough time riding around in the car this weekend. That’s the only “me” time I have right now.

    Can’t wait to see the sweater once you’ve finished blocking it!

  3. Blocking is awesome because if you mess up, just soak it again. No worries. 😀 I’m sure you did great.

    I start NaKniSweMo On November 1st! I just picked up all the yarn yesterday. I’m super excited to Cast On!

  4. I hear you on the procrastinating part, I do that too in all things when I’m not prepared to deal with negative outcomes……. But I’m sure it will turn out great, seaming isn’t that much of a trouble, just take your time and be prepared to undo and do again until you are 100% happy with it:)
    This weekend I’ll be finishing up a cowl for my son, simple and easy to carry around.

  5. I just bought a skein of mustard yellow merino wool to knit a hat for myself. I didn’t really need it, I have plenty of yarn and even more unfinished projects, but it really called to me.

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