Weekend Wrap-Up: Finishing-itis


I’m really bad at finishing projects. Often, once I cast off, I consider a project done. That’s not entirely true. There’s more work to be done, but I tend to put off the finishing for as long as I can.

I finished knitting all the pieces for the Seed Stitch and Cables Bag by Patons way back in July. I blocked all the pieces and then ignored them until yesterday. That’s right. I put off finishing this for three and a half months. I just decided on Sunday, after having cast off the last sweater piece (YAY!!), that I really needed to work on the bag.

It’s not that I don’t like the finishing. Well, maybe it is. Proper blocking feels like work to me, and I’m still getting the hang of seaming. I love the projects after finishing, though, which is why I really try to not let three and a half months pass typically.

The bag isn’t done yet. The pieces are all seamed together, but I still need a button of some kind and lining to make the bag more functional. I’m also toying around with the idea of a crochet edging around the flap to give it more stability. I probably didn’t block it properly in the first place, so the cable in the middle is pulling the center edge up. I’m not a fan. Just a simple crochet might hold it in place. We’ll see!

I also pulled out my Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving by Stephen West yesterday. I finally finished clue one (I know, well over a month late) and started clue two. I really wasn’t a fan to begin with. Because I didn’t know where the shawl was going, I just imagined this line of holes going down the spine. I peeked each week at the spoilers, and it wasn’t until the last week that I really started to like the shawl. I know, I’m bad at MKALs. In the end, I decided to cast on because I was curious and because I already paid for it.

All of this was kind of a way to avoid finishing Ken’s sweater. Yep. I’m avoiding it. It’s like a good book. The closer I get to the end, the slower I progress. All of the pieces are now knit. I just need to block everything. I was going to do it Saturday, then decided Sunday was better. Then I decided maybe Monday was better. I need to just do it this evening so that everything can block and dry in time to seam and then add the neck.

Do you have finish-itis? How do you motivate yourself to just get things done?

17 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Finishing-itis

  1. I do suffer from this strange finish-itis syndrome. So happy to hear I am not alone. Almost finished a market bag 3 months ago and all I have to do is sew on the handles and a lace scarf 2 weeks ago, and all I have to do is weave in the loose starting and finishing yarn pieces…and of course block them, but it’s not just in knitting is it? I’ve just never really faced this before. I’m an artist, and sometimes it takes months for me to add the finishing touches to a painting… Definitely something to think about, Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. I usually don’t have this “problem”, but sometimes when I knit something that’s not needed yet…..like a hat in the middle of summer…..I’ll leave something to be done, like one string of yarn that needs to be put away…..it’s kinda dumb but hey, that’s just how it is. But I do have this one Icelandic wool sweater that I made years ago, all that is left to do is cut up the front and finish making the button holes. I have no idea why I put it away, I think to finish some things for my kids since this one was for me. But I pulled it out of storage the other day and think I’ll have to find the time to finish, it would be such a waste to have it sit another bunch of years in a bag somewhere!

  3. I tend to have finish-itis related to things that require extensive finishing. And for me, extensive pretty much means seaming.

  4. I never get far enough in a project to even have the finish-it is. I love to start things, but that is about it. Right now I want my needles to start something, but need to at least cast off what is on them, perhaps that is how the joke is on me.

  5. that’s nothing, I have a bag that I haven’t sewn up for a couple of years now – and I think I’d really like it!

  6. Oh, I have lovely cardigan to finish…it’s been sitting around for three months now… must force myself to do the last bit of grafting and the rest of the sewing (partially done). I have a feeling that a bit of crochet along the bottom may be necessary, like with your bag, just to provide a bit of stability!

  7. I have a really good friend who loves weaving in ends. Everytime she comes over for a stitch and bitch, it’s primarily me knitting and her tucking ends for me. Other than that, I really have to pick a day and a good movie and do nothing but weave in and seam.

  8. Things linger more at the finishing stage than any other for me. I finished a sweater for DH a week ago, it’s just lacking buttons. But did I actually get them sewn on (and then the thing blocked?)? No. Instead, I cast on for two new projects this weekend. (Or was it 3, if you count a 2nd sock?)

  9. I too have finishing-itis! I tend to bring my finishing work to the knitting group I attend. This way I can sew (which I don’t really care for) and chat. It makes the process seem not as bad.

  10. I’m not very timely at finishing projects; I finally finished a sweater yesterday that I had knit two years ago. The secret: finding something you really enjoy watching on TV and just watching a ton of it until the job is done!

  11. This bag is so cute! I know what you mean about not wanting to work on a project once you cast off. Weaving ends is my least favorite part of crocheting or knitting, but it has to be done!

  12. I have a sweater that has been sitting for years. It has one sleeve not attached. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it on.

  13. I have real issues with yarn related projects that require sewing and finishing. That pretty much limits me to scarves and blankets, and I haven’t done too many blankets if you know what I mean. Trying to get over it, but honestly, still avoid it . . .

  14. I have a finishing problem too, even for the simplest of things (one of my favorite cowls, which I made a year ago, has a 5in yarn tail that I refuse to weave in). I have an enormous box of Christmas gifts sitting in my closet right now that all need lots of finishing. I am just counting on the stress of a deadline to get them done in time (:

  15. Three and a half months? That’s not too bad! I left a knitted top unfinished for a decade before finally unravelling it and making a cushion from the yarn. You are being too hard on yourself.

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