Weekend Wrap-Up: A Couple of Yarn Stores and Some Acquisitions

Some lovely yarn

Some lovely yarn

My stash has grown just a teensy bit in the past two weeks week. I know, I should focus on what I have and not be buying more. There was a split second when I hesitated, but then I squished the yarn in my hands and surrendered. I’m just not strong enough to resist merino.

While we were in San Antonio a couple weeks ago, my husband and I decided to have a little fun. We went to golf stores for him and yarn stores for me. We visited both the Yarn Barn of San Antonio and the Knitting Nest in Austin.

I was really impressed with the Yarn Barn of San Antonio. It looks like a little house just off the main road. It’s very cute! We walked in and were immediately greeted by friendly staff, who then left us to browse. (If you know me, that’s exactly the kind of thing I like: friendly and then left on my own.) They carry a wide variety of yarn, including the standard Cascade but also some local hand-dyed yarns. I particularly loved that as I moved toward the back of the store, the yarn just seemed to never end. It looked like there were plans to expand around the corner in the back as well.

Unfortunately, we visited this store before our nerve-wracking interview, so I wasn’t yet in the mood to buy yarn. I do plan on stopping by again in the near future. The local hand-dyed yarn and roving were particularly gorgeous.

I did spend money, though, at the Knitting Nest in Austin, where we stopped after the happy conclusion to our interview. The Knitting Nest is a very open feeling space, with comfy seating off to the side. The first thing I noticed, though, was a wall of colour that greeted me at the door. It stretched at least halfway to the back of the store.

The first thing I grabbed was a local hand-dyed yarn called Jaunty by Bronotta Yarns of Austin, Texas. It’s this gorgeous, vibrant red fingering weight yarn that is 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon. I see a gorgeous pair of socks coming out of this hank.

I also picked up a Malabrigo worsted skein in the colorway Pollen. I have some of this in my stash already. In fact, the yarn is being used to make my Dryad scarf by Jared Flood. A few weeks ago, I had been lamenting that I only needed one more hank of this yarn to make the exact length I wanted, but finding the yarn proved more difficult than I had hoped. Then, we walked in to the Knitting Nest, and there it was. Fate! I had to buy the yarn.

We’re getting to the last of this year’s yarn acquisitions. Starting January 1, 2014, I’m going to be participating in a very big challenge: a stash-busting challenge. During the year, I can only use yarn that is in my stash, and I cannot buy any yarn until I’m out. That also means that I can’t buy yarn to finish a project either. It’s going to take some creativity. Gifts, of course, are not included because I just got done telling my family that when in doubt, buy me yarn. This should be exciting!

What is your stash like? Is it getting out of control (like mine), or do you keep it fairly manageable?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: A Couple of Yarn Stores and Some Acquisitions

  1. I don’t knit but my fabric stash was expanding in a big way. So now, I’m not buying any new fabric, I’m trying my absolute best to only make things with what I have.

  2. Nice reviews! My stash shrinks and grows. I reorganized it recently and have two very full storage bins. I do lots of little projects, so I usually only have a skein or two of each yarn, or partial skeins that I then try to use creatively in multicolor projects. I’ve been on a sock kick, so the sock yarn stash has been growing.

  3. Were you there during the Hill Country Yarn Crawl? I wrote about the yarn store in Comfort, Texas. THAT is one amazing place! Put it on your bucket list. It’s near Kerrville.

  4. My stash is totally out of control, but when you work in a yarn shop temptation surrounds you every single day! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.). I don’t think I could manage a whole year of stash busting, but if I tried I could guarantee that I wouldn’t run out of yarn!

  5. I’ve never really attempted a huge stashbusting. I like having a large stash on hand, because it fuels my creativity at times when I feel like I don’t have a clue what to knit. I have tried to be diligent in the past year about putting things in Ravelry stash so I can match up potential projects with stash. That has helped me work from stash much more. If you haven’t already done that, it may make your year of stashbusting more fun and easy to execute. That being said, when I see great deals or fantastic yarn, I don’t deny myself, but I try to buy with specific projects in mind or a quantity that can make a sweater if desired. I love having stash. I don’t think it will ever be all the way gone. It feels like hidden wealth.

  6. My stash is about a closet full – shelved and binned. I think it would take more than a year to use it up, but that is a monumental goal! Is this your own thing, or one you saw somewhere? I think I would do better with a “use two for every one you buy” kind of stash buster.

    Of course, the good part of your plan would be that I would be saving and planning for a whole year what I was going to buy – and I would have room for it all! 🙂

    • Just me! Although others are welcome to join in any capacity. My motivation is I really need to stop spending money. This is just one part of my overall plan for 2014. 🙂

      • I *should* stop spending money, but I also *need* to empty out the closet that is neatly organized but full to the ceiling with totes of fabric and yarn. So maybe I will take your challenge, tweak it a bit and join in. 🙂 But I might not just yet… 🙂

  7. I’m mostly quite restrained, but I do have a serious weakness for sock yarns. The big problem is that I am quite a slow knitter, so it does build up a bit. I’m planning to spend a happy Christmas knitting the beekeeper’s quilt to use up the sock yarn excess.

  8. I’m the kind of person who only, for years, bought just enough for a project.

    Now I’ve got a single basket of yarn purchased to make shopping bags. And I’ve got a very small stash of undyed fiber – one basket. I’ve got a couple of skeins of my own spun and dyed yarn. My real stash has finished projects, 3 shawls, 5 hats, 3 scarves and five knitted squares.

    Eventually, I want to have a stash of homespun yarn. That would be SO cool.

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