30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Two

The color is actually darker than this, but yay, you can finally see the stitch pattern.

The color is actually darker than this, but yay, you can finally see the stitch pattern.

I promise I will blog about more than just my sweater in the coming weeks, but I would not be lying if I said I am completely obsessed with this project. Despite not being garter or stockinette, this sweater has become my mindless knitting. I crave time with it while at work, and I have to force myself to set it down to go to bed each night.

Obsessed. In fact, on Wednesday, I had fully intended to write a blog post on a couple of stores I had visited recently (post to come out next week), but I picked up my knitting and got straight to work.

I finished both sleeves for the sweater on Monday evening. I’m torn. Part of me wants to do them over and make them a little bit bigger. The other part of me says that my husband is really skinny, and those sleeves will probably fit just fine. If I do anything, I’ll wait until after the body pieces are done to give myself some distance from them.

I cast on the back piece on Tuesday, and on last measure, I am now at 15 inches. In about 2-3 inches, I’ll start the decreases for the arms. I can’t wait! After this piece is done, I need to do the front piece, block everything, sew it all together, and then pick up stitches for the collar. I feel like I’m right on track to have this whole project done by the end of October, as scheduled.

I will admit, though, that while I’m thoroughly obsessed with working on this sweater, I also have a wandering eye. I’ve spotted the finished projects for Stephen West’s Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving (I know, I’m a cheater). The shawl is definitely growing on me. As soon as this sweater is done, I think I’ll pick that back up. I’d love to wear it to the “Wear Something You Made” knitting group meeting in mid-November, but we’ll see.

Also right around then is the knitting group Christmas party with an ornament exchange. At my house, we’re kind of skipping the whole Christmas decorations and tree thing, but I kind of want to participate anyway.  I’ve found some great ornaments that look like fun to knit. I just have to get through this long list of WIPs and then my ever-growing queue first.

See? This is my brain. It goes every which way, particularly when I’m meant to be focusing on one project. I start itching for more, but I’m determined to stay on track with the sweater. This weekend’s goal is to finish the back piece.

Are you a monogamous knitter, or do you prefer having multiple projects going at once?

11 thoughts on “30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week Two

  1. I have to try not too..because I am weak and when it comes to building projects I cannot NOT be inspired to start another. (row three and I’ve already redesigned it in 3 ways and and and) But if I do set one aside and don’t get back to it within the week..it starts to grow into stress and pressure inside my head. I guess I just love anxiety and panic attacks – so hard to be at peace with it sitting there..undone…looming…begging… LOL I’m a whack job!

    I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I normally have several going at once (one fancy complicated one, a mindless TV knitting sock, something easy to travel with, etc.), but since I signed up for the 30 day sweater challenge, I’ve been surprisingly committed to this sweater.

  3. Multiples, of course. i have to have something simple for the car, something while I watch tv, and something I cantake go Sit and Dtitch night.

  4. I always knit on multiple things at once, and never get any of them done because before I’ll even get near the finishing line I’ll have started another project that will consume all my attention for a while. Sigh. I’m terrible at time management!

  5. I’m usually a monogamous knitter, but lately I’ve been taking on more projects because of personal requests from friends (which I of course don’t mind).

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