Weekend Wrap-Up: Just a Little Progress


I went into the weekend with one goal in mind: to finish both sleeves for the sweater. If you remember from Friday’s post, I had about 3-4 inches done on both sleeves going into the weekend. Well, I didn’t quite finish the sleeves, but I got darn close!

I am now to the sleeve cap decreases. Actually, I’m about halfway through the decreases. I spent the entire weekend working on the sweater. Ok, not exactly the entire weekend. I also fought with the Internet (which resulted in us turning on the DVD player for the first time in nearly two years), made pumpkin soup for the week, and cleaned the house. I blame all those for me not quite reaching my goal.

Oh well. I still think I made pretty good progress!

I’m hoping to finish the decreases tonight. Then, tomorrow I want to cast on the back part of the body. Because I only have so many interchangeable needles, I will need to steal the needles from my Color Craving shawl for a little bit. I’m not entirely sure what to do there. I may have to switch out my work WIPs so I can still work on something during my lunch breaks.

How was your weekend?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Just a Little Progress

  1. Wow! This looks amazing, and you’re so ahead… Well done!
    I had to undo part of mine (which was terrifying!), and since I’m still a slow knitter… ah well!
    Great progress though! Is this your first sweater?!?

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