30 Day Sweater Challenge: Week One

Hard to see, but progress!

Hard to see, but progress!

The 30 Day Sweater Challenge officially began this week on Tuesday! So far, 4559 people have joined the challenge so far, and I am one of them.

I didn’t start my sweater on Tuesday with everyone else. My husband and I were in San Antonio for a green card interview, which went fantastic! Now that he’s all taken care of, I can focus on his sweater.

I am working on the Hugo sweater by Veronik Avery from the  BT Men collection, and I am knitting it in Wool of the Andes in Aurora Heather, which is a dark green. Ken picked it out, calling it “racing green.” I do mildly regret the color choice. Something even just a couple of shades lighter would’ve been easier on the eyes. We don’t have the best lighting at home, so the pattern is difficult to see clearly. I tried to Instagram the photo so you could see the detailing, but it’s still fairly faint.

The pattern is knit entirely flat and then seamed together. I’m starting with the sleeves and knitting them two at a time. Ken said this is how his mum knits her sweaters, and she makes gorgeous sweaters. So far, knitting two sleeves at once has been much easier than I anticipated. I thought I would get confused with which piece I was working on or which yarn went where, but I have had zero problems.

I don’t have an official schedule, but the general plan is to finish the sleeves over the weekend (ambitious, I know) and then move on to the body. The body consists of a front piece, a back piece, and a collar. I figure the front and back pieces should take about a week each of really focused work. The collar won’t take much time. Then there’s the blocking and seaming to consider. Ideally, I want a completed sweater by Halloween. We’ll see!

Any advice as I set out on this journey? What are your top sweater-knitting tips?

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  1. Oh, shoot – I totally forgot about it! Too late to join (and succeed) I guess … Good luck with your endeavour, that’s a very cool sweater.

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