Weekend Wrap-Up: The Monkey



I’ve done something quite unheard of in this house. I have been monogamous (ish) with a project. The result was amazing progress on the monkey!

I cast on the monkey last Monday and promised myself that if I finished, I could work on anything I wanted until October. For some reason, that actually worked! I normally ignore my self-promises and work on anything anyway. Each day, I set a goal. Finish the body on Tuesday. Complete a leg on Wednesday, another leg on Thursday, and the face and tail on Friday. By Friday evening, I had all the ends woven in!

The monkey is the Monkey Jacobus by Annita Wilschut. Now that I’ve finished the monkey part of the project, I see why it’s tagged “seamless.” I confess, I’m not a knitter who reads the entire pattern before starting. There are two seams, and they’re very easy. The rest is picking up stitches, which I’m getting better at.

I will say, I was not happy with how the tail turned out. I’m sure it’s not the pattern, but more something I did that messed it up. I cut the tail off, picked the stitches back up, and did a kind of i-cord like tail. I’m much happier now with how the monkey looks overall. He’s not creepy anymore!

I worked on the scarf over Saturday. I cast off that night, but I was completely distraught with the results. Confession number 2: I am miserable at knitting stripes flat. Knitting stripes in the round? No problem! I can do that all day, but for some reason, I struggle with flat. I wove in all the ends, prepared it for blocking, and then just through it in the trash.

My husband suggested that I just knit the scarf in the round. This would make the scarf look the same inside and out, and then I wouldn’t be as upset with the results. I’ve given myself a weekend break, but I think that’s the way I’m going to go starting this evening after work.

This week’s plan is to start the scarf again today and finish it by Wednesday. Then, I’ll cast on the Béret généreux by Isabelle Allard, which I’m pretty sure I’ll have done by the weekend. Then, I can work on anything until next Tuesday, which marks the start of the 30 Day Sweater Challenge.

What did you work on this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: The Monkey

  1. This is so cute!!

    This weekend I made a hat, frogged a mitt, starting reknitting the mitt, and began putting a few of my designs-in-progress onto paper. Yet I’m still behind on all my plans!

    Love, love, love that monkey!

  2. Love that monkey. I have been working on stocking caps. I tried making one backwards a couple of months ago, and it has turned out ok, but is only half the size. Not sure where that went foul. I am looking forward to the end of canning so that I have more time to knit.

  3. That monkey looks great! My crafting this weekend consisted of sorting all my scraps – it was very cathartic, they were in a total mess, in about 4 different boxes, all in different places, now they are all sorted and bagged by colour/type!

  4. Love your monkey! Sounds like you are going to be busy. I finished my first jumper this weekend. Yay! I’m blocking it but it seems to be taking forever to dry. I’m hoping tonight I can get it on and photo it.

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