Weekend Wrap-Up: Staycation Progress

Trying on the sock in progress

Trying on the sock in progress

What does a knitter do when she (or he) has a staycation? Does this person work on current WIPs? Start a new project? Both? Well, this knitter did both, but in varying degrees of success.

Today marks the end of my too-short staycation, which started Thursday of last week. I’m not feeling particularly rested or recharged as I was dragged around most of Thursday and Friday and didn’t get to stay in much. I did get to relax with my husband for the rest of the weekend. Other than his golfing tournament, which I cheered for him from inside our air conditioned home, and groceries, we stayed home and watched Red Dwarf.

You would think I would have gotten a lot more done than I did. In fact, I had planned to get a lot more done than I did. First, I re-cast on the Selbu Modern hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn. I’m about to rip it out again. While the colors look beautiful together, there’s nowhere near enough contrast to see the pattern. It just blends right in. Once I realized this, I sent the hat to the timeout shelf and haven’t looked at it since.

This all happened Thursday afternoon before the knitting group. I didn’t want to turn up with my linen scarf once again (and didn’t really want to work on that either). I bounced between wanting to work on my Dryad scarf by Jared Flood or my Ellington Socks by Cookie A. The socks won out in the end, and I was quite pleased at how far I got just during group.

I was at row 31 and was nearly done with the leg by the time we left. I then spent a good part of Friday getting to and past the heel before setting it down and going to a football game, during which I made some real progress on the linen scarf (not the biggest football fan, so I needed something to entertain me). Saturday and Sunday I worked on the foot until some little furry one stole one of my DPNs. It took my husband and me most of Sunday to figure out where it had been stashed. Thankfully we found it in the end because I only have one set of 0s and didn’t want to buy another.

I love how the Ellington socks are turning out. I’ve always wanted to try a design by Cookie A., but have shied away. I don’t know why. The pattern itself, though it looks complicated, is extremely easy. The chart at first glance was a tad intimidating, but once I broke it down to one line at a time with my chart keeper, the intimidation flew out the window. I got into the ” just one more row” mentality real quick, too, which is why I’m nearly done with the first sock.

Unfortunately, I have to set it aside for a spell. The yarn has arrived for my two deadline projects, and I really need to get those done before October. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be participating in the 30 Day Sweater Challenge. Well, I now have some more information for those interested in participating. The site now has a video describing how to participate in the challenge and a free sweater planning guide to get you started.

How was your weekend? What did you work on?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Staycation Progress

  1. Love the socks. I have a ‘time-out’ shelf too haha. I started a Chevron cowl and finished up some adorable “Moc-Socs” baby booties. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great socks! I may try my hand at these. Love the idea of a “time-out shelf”! I have several projects hibernating in a bin — I think I’ll start calling it the time-out bin!

  3. Hat pattern is great. I (now) understand the contrast part being important. Glad your Cookie A socks came along…that’s a Staycation Achievement in and of itself! Woot.

  4. I think the ‘Time-Out’ shelf idea is brilliant, for moment when you are just so frustrated with the work you know you are going to have to do that it makes you wants to argh! x

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