30 Day Sweater Challenge

My patient husband, still waiting for his sweater

My patient husband, still waiting for his sweater

October is going to be a really exciting month, and I thought I’d give you a heads-up about it. I’ll be participating in the 30 Day Sweater Challenge, which is aiming to get 5000+ knitters to knit a sweater in October.

At the start of the year, I made a resolution to finish a sweater. As many of you know, I have yet to actually do so. Other projects have stepped in and distracted me. I’m at the sleeves now on my first one, but I’m pretty sure I’m about to rip those back and start again (messed up already).

So, when I was contacted last month about this project, I decided to leap on board. (I realize there are 31 days in October, but I figure that gives me a day for swatching that doesn’t really count against me.)

I don’t know who I’ll be knitting the sweater for yet. If I knit one for my husband, there will be considerably less stitches to worry about than if I knit one for me (yep, I’m a big girl). I haven’t ordered any yarn yet, but I’m eyeing Knit Picks either Wool of the Andes in Aurora Heather for Ken or Onyx Heather for me.

This Saturday, I will have a guest blogger from the event who will tell us about “The Top Five Details That Will Make or Break Your Sweater.” As a newbie sweater knitter, I’m very interested in anything I can do to knit a great sweater.

I don’t have all the details yet, but I’ll provide you with them as soon as I have them. I do know that it’s completely free. There’s even a design contest if you want to strut your creative stuff.

I hope you’ll join me!

24 thoughts on “30 Day Sweater Challenge

  1. I will be a part of the Challenge as well; I actually talked about it in my blog yesterday. I can’t wait for your guest blogger. I am fairly new to sweaters as well and anything will be helpful.

  2. I participate in NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month) which is in November. Until then, I have to stash bust, and I don’t have enough yarn for sweaters that aren’t baby sized. :) Maybe I can make 30 sweaters in 30 days…. haha. That seems like a brilliant way to reach insanity. :D

  3. Has my hubby been talking to you!? Just this evening over dinner he was bemoaning the fact that I still owed him a sweater…..a challenge like this would be just the impetus for me to give up other projects and get on with it!! How do I take part – or in NaKniSweMo in case I miss Oct ;-)

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