Weekend Wrap-Up: On to the Sleeves

Ziggy helping me with my project

Ziggy helping me with my project

I had one goal this weekend: to make it to the sleeves of Ken’s sweater. I succeeded!

My husband and I had a lazy weekend. He went golfing with his new club, and I stayed in, knitting the mornings away. In the afternoon, we just hung out and watched bad movies and bad TV. It was perfect. I just wish we had one more day of it. That three day weekend last week spoiled me.

On Saturday, I made excellent progress on Ken’s sweater. I finished the body and started on one of the sleeves. And then I set the sweater aside. Why? I remembered reading that there was an errata for the sleeves on the pattern’s Ravelry page. I tried reading it, but I think my brain was just too tired to comprehend anything. I had been working on the sweater all day.

So, I set the project aside and pulled out my endless scarf. I managed to add four more inches to the scarf, bringing me just about to three feet in length. I read somewhere that a scarf should be at least as long as the person it’s intended for is tall. I’m short, about five foot three, so nearly there. The scarf isn’t terribly wide, though, so I’ll probably go for extra length so it’s warm enough on the one cold day a year we get here in Texas.

This week’s project will be Ken’s sweater again. I’ll either try reading the errata again once my brain is fully awake or purchase the digital version. It sounded like the error was only in the original printing, which is the magazine I have been working from. If it’s just as easy to buy the pattern again, I might.

What did you work on this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: On to the Sleeves

  1. I am working on : a new pair of socks, two sweaters of the same design for two girls, and a tea cozy. I feel so at home here… what is it… oh… it’s the same wordpress theme as my blog ! 🙂

      • I am thinking of redoing my header … a new one… and to compress it by figuring out how to get ‘Yarnings’ into the picture…. Not difficult, I know, in today’s technological tricks… but for me, it is a challenge. 🙂

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