FO: The Thneed

Everyone needs a thneed.

Everyone needs a thneed.

You know what everyone needs? A pink, fluffy, soft thneed. One of my friends requested this a few months back, and now it is finally complete. I present, the thneed!

What took so long? Well, I didn’t actually start knitting it until last Wednesday. That’s why you also haven’t seen any progress as it grew, unless you’re following me on Instagram (username fortheknitofit). I sat down with my basket full of Casper fur yarn from Loops & Threads on my day off and got to work.

The pattern is entirely impromptu. I stared at the thneed illustrations for I don’t know how long, trying to formulate a plan of attack. I’m really terrible at drawing, so there was no sketch to work off either. I just picked the elements I liked from various pictures and went for it. The nice thing about knitting for nearly two years now is I knew exactly how to do what I wanted, thanks to the varied projects I’ve worked on.

I’m quite pleased with how the thneed turned out! So is the recipient, which was my main concern. The yarn doesn’t photograph very well, even in plain sunlight. It looks like it’s radiating. The pink is rather bright, but not quite as bright as the picture lets on.

My list of knits for other people is getting shorter! With this off my list, I only have two more projects with deadlines: a hat for my friend M and a monkey with a Doctor Who scarf. Technically, the hat isn’t due until it starts getting cold, and we live in Texas, which buys me time. It’s the monkey that has a real deadline. It’s for my cousin, whose friend is expecting a baby in November.

I can’t work on either of those projects until the yarn gets here, so Ken’s sweater is getting some love. As soon as the yarn is here, though, that goes on the shelf, and I get to work. I want to finish these deadline projects before September is up because I’m participating in an amazing KAL in October that I will be telling you about really soon.

How was your Labor Day weekend? Did you work on any projects?

11 thoughts on “FO: The Thneed

  1. I am still no wiser on what thneed is, and why would everyone want one – Sorry I haven’t progressed beyond Green Eggs and Ham….

  2. Don’t think I ever read Dr Seuss. All I can remember is a hat! Can’t tell how big this thnead is do you wear it around your neck? Or do you hold it in front of you when the light gets dim so you can see your way by the light of the bright pink yarn ….

    • Um… That’s an excellent question. You could fit it over your head and then wrap the rest around your neck or stick your neck through the center. It’s probably one of the least functional projects I’ve ever made. Lol.

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