Weekend Wrap-up: The Whos Have It


If you’re a Whovian, yesterday was a big day. Ok, understatement, it was a huge day! Rumors had been spreading for months, only recently confirmed in June I think, that Matt Smith would be stepping down from his role. Throw in some wild speculation, betting, and now we have our twelfth doctor!

Peter Capaldi!

Ok, I have to admit, this is where I deviate from most Whovians. I didn’t really care who played the Doctor, as long as it wasn’t that guy from Sherlock who plays Moriarti (that voice!). I was just really enjoying the speculation and intrigue. I loved not knowing! Now, it’s all gone. Sad day. The doctor has been named. Now we wait for the eleventh to day and the twelfth to be generated.

Anyway, this does have a knitting point. In honor of this momentous weekend, I worked on my brother’s scarf. As you can see in the photo above (please pretend you don’t see the mess), it’s huge! Somewhere deep inside, I knew this was going to be an epic undertaking, but I’m only just starting to grasp the scope of it. I’m just past the halfway point. This is going to be some scarf in the end, and I’m fairly certain this will be my first and very last garter stitch scarf. To friends and family who also wanted this scarf … I’ll teach you to knit.

What projects did you work on this weekend? Whovians: How was Sunday’s announcement for you?

19 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up: The Whos Have It

  1. My husband and I both love Dr. Who. I love your scarf too! Maybe I’ll make my Whovian, a Dr. Who scarf too! Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea!

  2. Lol! At first I thought you were talking about Dr. Seuss! (The Grinch…Whoville….) Clearly I am not in the loop on Dr. Who. I used to watch it when Tom Baker was the Fourth Doctor but that’s getting to be a lifetime ago.

    No stitching projects this weekend. I was sanding walls. Blah.

  3. I started a hat for my little boy, while watching the Dr Who announcement. I think Peter will be good, though very different from 10 and 11(both of whom I love – present tense because they’re still there in a timey-wimey way…)

  4. Whovians are all around πŸ˜€ From Spain, and inspired on your awesome work, I’m planning to do a scarf for a friend, but for Xmas (I’m a beginner).
    I don’t know this actor, but he seems to be a perfect doctor from the interview I saw, though I hoped a younger doctor, can’t imagine how the writers are gonna deal with an older doctor regeneration.

  5. That scarf is wonderful! I haven’t been a Whovian since Doctor #9 (Christopher Eccleston), David Tennant and Matt Smith put me off a bit. I know they both did a stellar job and gave great performances, but apparently I like my timelords grumpy and kinda serious! Might start watching again if Peter Capaldi is as nasty-tempered as he is in The Thick Of It, though there will probably be less swearing πŸ˜›

  6. My husband is a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE Whovian and was glued to the screen yesterday. For him the excitement now comes in the form of waiting for Peter’s first appearance as the Doctor!

  7. Love it! I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who. That scarf looks amazing!
    Plus i kind of wish they hadn’t revealed the 12th Doctor. I would have loved to find out at the regeneration.

  8. Well done…I’ve been a fan since Tom Baker when I was a girl and still haven’t attempted his scarf of enourmousness. Love Peter Capaldi so I’m happy. I’m just waiting to see if he keeps his own accent does a Tennant…

  9. We watched the unveiling of the the new doctor – and will reserve judgement until seeing him in the role for real. I am a David Tenant fan although John Pertwee was probably my doctor growing up though most of my viewing was from behind the sofa and I was not that into it then! David Tenant was great and really re-energised the role after the kick start from Christopher Eccleston – and Matt a bit too “appealing to the youngsters” for my taste, although my two teenage daughters may miss him.

    Love the scarf – your brother best watch that Tom Baker does not try to pinch it! Hope you finish it soon as garter stitch is not much fun!

  10. I adore Doctor Who too. I will miss Matt so much. He’s ‘my’ doctor (they always say Whovians have ‘their’ Doctor don’t they).
    Your scarf is fabulous and I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, but have you noticed it looks like the 4th Doctors scarf?
    I am feeling your pain with this epic knit though. I am to become a godmother in January and my friend (the mother) has asked me to knit a baby blanket for her. I never realised how big a proper baby blanket is until I started to knit it. I also have a little bit of a pattern in it too so I can’t even shut my mind off and just knit garter stitch!
    At least I have a few months!

    • It is the fourth Doctor’s scarf! Or at least it’s based off of that scarf. I’m glad you recognized it. πŸ˜€

      Blankets get me. I bought enough Simply Soft in neon coral to knit a blanket, but I’ve been hesitating to get started. Even the smaller ones take forever.

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