The Geek Shall Inherit the Geekdom


My week has been filled with geek-related projects, and I have been loving it. Add to that, I have had Firefly, Doctor Who, and The IT Crowd to keep me company. It’s been a good week.

First of all, this week marks the last full week of Camp Nanowrimo, July edition, hence the slightly sporadic posts the past couple of weeks. Each week, I managed to fall 10,000 words behind. I ended up picking two days a week to just write 5000 words. Rough, but doable. I am now down to needing only 2959 words to complete my goal of 50,000 this month. I have no real coherent story, as it feels like I mostly tested out ideas and plot lines, but I think I actually may have something this time. Now it will only take, what, five years to pull together and polish (ha!).

Anyway, between that madness, I did manage to get some knitting done. The primary project has been a Doctor Who Scarf – Season 12 by Chris Brimelow, based on the original Doctor scarf. I cannot imagine a better, mindless project to work on, especially on days after work when I am exhausted. I am nearing 1/4 of the way through. I messed up a little and will have to rip back 20-odd rows, but I am ok with that. Thankfully, it’s all just garter.

I also finished up another Jayne hat! Or rather, I finished up one of the two Jayne hats I had knitted a couple weeks ago. I do this. I get near the end of a hat and toss it on the shelf for a  little while, ends still dangling off of it and nothing blocked. The only thing this hat needed, thankfully, was a pompom. I pulled out my brand new Clover PomPom Maker, and got to it. Only to find that I really ought to leave pompoms to my husband.

This weekend’s project is to knit the Béret généreux by Isabelle Allard. I started it a couple weekends ago and set it down after messing up the pattern. It should be easy enough to go back or, if necessary, rip back to the ribbing and start the body of the hat again.

What are your weekend plans? Any fun projects?

3 thoughts on “The Geek Shall Inherit the Geekdom

  1. I’m finishing my Umaro by Jared Flood. It’s a wedding gift for my sister….so excited for the wedding! The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs! I’ve never been there, and it looks out of this world!

  2. I love knitting garter when I’m busy, it’s mindless but knitting also helps me with my stress levels. I’ve just finished a shawl with a garter stitch body and it was the perfect way to help me relax in the evenings.

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