Cafe au Lait Tam

Hat in progress

Hat in progress

I have been trying to bust my stash these past few weeks. One of the yarns on my hit-list is my K’acha by Mirasol. It’s gorgeous and soft, but it’s been on my shelf for over a year. It’s time to get something done.

I chose Cafe au Lait Tam by Kathryn C. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry, and it caught my eye at the perfect time. I knew that that was what K’acha was meant to become. I’ve noticed that’s how I get with these stash busting projects. I surf through Ravelry until something catches my eye that fits the personality of the yarn perfectly, whether it’s for the color or texture. I don’t like to settle.

I’m also starting to become a faster knitter. In the past, a hat like this would’ve taken me a week or two. I cast on on Sunday, and I intended to finish it last night, but I was way too tired and went straight to bed after dinner. I imagine I’ll finish it up tonight with little trouble.

The Cafe au Lait Tam pattern is extremely easy to follow. I’d recommend it for a beginner knitter who is ready to try his/her hand at a little touch of lace technique. Just a touch. If you can do or can understand yarnovers (YO), knit two together (K2Tog), and slip slip knit (SSK), you’re in good shape for this hat. The only other “new” technique you may run into is the twisted rib. No need to fear! This is very similar to a standard ribbing. The only difference is when you do the knit stitch, you knit through the back loop.

Here’s a video from Lion Brand to help you with knitting through the back loop.

See? Not so bad at all!

I should have a finished hat to show you on Friday. My intention, much as it was last night, is to finish the hat tonight. I only have the decreases to do, which shouldn’t take long at all. Then, I’ll weave in the ends, and the hat is off for blocking. I’m excited to see how the final product will look!

Have you tried this hat before? What was your experience? If you haven’t, what is your favorite hat pattern?

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  1. You inspired me with your last post. I’m finishing a cable hat I set aside a couple of years ago, and was looking for a new hat pattern. This may be it.

  2. This is fantastic! I have been wanting to start knitting hats (my first attempt failed miserably) and found this pattern weeks ago but just looking at it I haven’t had the nerve to cast on… You have inspired me to give it a go! 🙂

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