Weekends Wrap-Up: Catching Up

A shelf full of FOs

A shelf full of FOs

Hello! How are you? It’s been too long! If you’re seeing this posts, it can only mean one thing: The computer is back up and running!

Friday before last, I woke up to find a shelf’s worth of yarn on the floor and the computer cable chewed into several pieces. Not good. Then we ordered a new cord with overnight shipping, only for it to get here three business days later, excluding the weekend. Add on top of that, the cord arrived broken. Then my husband picked up a cord at Best Buy, only to buy the wrong one. By Friday evening, though, we were back in business! It only took a week.

I’ve been a very busy knitter this past week. I’d say somewhere along the line, I turned into a product knitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love the process. I’ve just really been enjoying busting through my stash and finishing projects. I’ve made:

I’m also about 1/4 of the way through Cafe au Lait Tam by Kathryn C., which I cast on last night. These projects used up my Brava yarn, Cascade Eco Wool, random acrylic yarn (probably Simply Soft, if I had to take a guess), and K’acha by Mirasol Yarn. Not bad in the way of stashbusting. In fact, the past couple of weeks seems to be centered around using up yarn in my stash. I suppose some of these projects could turn into presents, which would definitely cut back on the holiday knitting time in a couple months. I’ll try to get a better picture shortly.

There are more projects on the way, too. This weekend, mom ordered the yarn for my little brother’s Doctor Who scarf. We’re going for Tom Baker’s first scarf. Luckily, the pattern is easily accessible online, and I won’t have to make anything up. I’ve been dying to make one of these, and this is as good an excuse as any! I’m also making a Tom Baker monkey for one of my cousins (basically, a knit monkey with a mini scarf).

I also ordered the yarn for a friend’s hat. She chose Béret généreux by Isabelle Allard. I’ve not knit with so many colors before, so I’m really nervous about my color choices. If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed all within the same family, like all blues or all greens, but she wanted a lot of colors. We’ll see how this turns out. Oh, and now she wants two! Luckily, only one is due by August. I also need to make a Thneed, Ken’s sweater, and mom’s shawl.

Busy busy busy!

How was your week?

7 thoughts on “Weekends Wrap-Up: Catching Up

  1. Just checked out the beret- love it- fair isle style:) might have to download the pattern and give it a go myself:) good luck with all ur projects. X

  2. Sounds like you were busy! Amazing the time we find when the computer isn’t working, huh?

    I have made those Bella mittens before – I love the pattern, but as you found, had to make them a bit bigger.

    And, I have spent the week crocheting Simply Soft into baby beanies for a local hospital. Are we twins separates at birth? 🙂

  3. Sorry about all or your computer cable problems. It’s nice to see you back up and running. And you have been so productive! Wow. Love to see some of your awesome projects.

    • Kitten, and a very persistent one at that. His brother bits cables or pushes them off tables/counters before walking away. Amp sits there and chews at them until he breaks them.

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