Weekend Wrap-Up: A Little Dress

Cute, but ugly, not blocked dress

Cute, but ugly, not blocked dress

In a rare move (ha!), I decided once again not to work on any of my many WIPs this weekend. I cast on something brand new and very little.

Friday night, I found out my mom and I have been invited to a baby shower (awkward). This is my first baby shower in a long time, at least a couple years. I instantly pulled up Ravelry. I just felt like I had to make something, even though I know that’s going to be a tough day. I needed knitting to be associated somehow. (Plus, who can resist all those teeny tiny patterns?)

So, Friday night, after much debating, I cast on the Sproutlette Dress by Tanis Lavallee. It is this cute little dress with a little bit of lace detailing. It’s just darling. I can’t tell you what yarn I used (label missing!), but it is a ruby color and I know it’s superwash merino. I wasn’t entirely sure on if that would be ok, and still am not, but what I’ve read online says it should be fine.

Correct me if I’m wrong! Push come to shove, the gargoyle becomes a girl and gets her own dress.

The pattern is very easy to follow. I’ve never done a dress before. This one has raglan shaping, also something I’ve never done. Tanis Lavallee has a way of making the whole process very easy. The only part I wasn’t fond of (but can’t think of a workaround for) is that during the raglan increases and lace detail, I had to keep flipping between two pages: the page with raglan increase information and the lace chart. Luckily, after a few rounds, I got the hang of the increases and could stop looking.

I finished the dress Sunday afternoon, while waiting to celebrate my little brother’s 19th birthday (doesn’t seem quite right, 19). I need to still weave in ends. The yarn was broken and knotted in a few places, which means more ends to weave in than usual. I’m not a fan, but I do it anyway.  The dress also, as you can tell from the photo, needs to be blocked. It’s not laying right at all. I think that has a lot to do with the lace details (lace is always ugly until blocked, and the dress is no exception). I’m hoping a nice soak and block will help even out the lace and make the whole thing look good. I’ll share a picture once it’s properly done.

What projects did you work on this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: A Little Dress

  1. What a gorgeous dress pattern, and the wool you have chosen looks wonderful. I made a dress not so long ago, but can’t think what the pattern was. I try not to cast on another project until I’ve finished the first one, but it’s pretty difficult!

  2. What a lovely gift. Such a beautiful colour. My recent baby projects have all been gender-less. Weekend knitting? My teardrop shawl (nobody around to disturb me) and some socks.

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