Weekend Wrap-Up: The Nameless Gargoyle


He’s finished! Well, ok, he’s nearly finished. All his pieces are knit, and most of them are assembled. He just doesn’t have his wings sewn on yet.

After a week and weekend of ho-hum knitting, I finally found my groove again. Friday, I sat down and finished the gargoyle’s head: one more ear, two horns, a tongue, and eyes. Saturday, while husband went golfing, I finished the wings. They aren’t sewn on yet because I didn’t closely read the notions section of the pattern (got to read everything, I’m telling you). I need to get some floral wire so that the wings hold their shape. I’ll pick that up probably next weekend. At least, with that, he’ll be complete!

I also spent the weekend evaluating WIPs. What am I honestly going to work on? The fingerless mitts were out. I wasn’t happy with them to begin with, so I didn’t see the point in continuing. I salvaged most of the yarn and set it aside for a different project. The Selbu hat is put on temporary hold, so I unraveled it. I love that pattern, but I have a few concentration pieces going right now. That and I messed up and am not sure where yet. I fully intend to go back and start again. I also finished two projects: Dad’s socks (ends all woven in now) and my Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus.

With a nearly empty WIP shelf, what’s a girl to do? Cast on another project! I started the Women’s Boatneck Top by Lorna Miser Saturday evening and have made pretty good progress already. The yarn called for, and what I’m actually using for a change, is Simply Soft, one of my favorite acrylic yarns. I had a batch in my stash and thought I’d use it up. The top is striped, but I’m making it in a solid colour. The pattern honestly could not be more straightforward. Knit two pieces and seam them together.

How was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: The Nameless Gargoyle

  1. Q – Great! I had 3 girls in a 2 /12 year span. When they were little I always called them the “girlgoyles”! Your gargoyle looks so soft.

  2. Cute gargoyle! I saw your mention of a Selbu hat; have you seen the book ‘Selbuvotter’? It’s in our library and I’ve borrowed it several times. I’m planning to buy it soon. It’s all Norwegian mittens, with some great patterns. ~ Linne

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