C is for Cookie (A., that is)


I don’t know what possessed me, but the past couple of evenings, I haven’t worked on anything I was meant to. Mom’s shawl? Nope. Ken’s sweater? Not a chance. Start on that hat due in August? Ha! No, I had eyes for only one project: my Ellington Socks by Cookie A.

I loved these socks the first time I saw them. The textures and cables remind me almost of old architecture, maybe even that opening shot on The Great Gatsby movie. These socks are gorgeous. I knew I had to make them the second they were available, but I just haven’t had the time.

I still don’t have the time, but the desire has not changed. I started these back on May 2nd and quickly abandoned them for my other projects. The only note I left myself was row 14. I figured that was enough. Problem was, it wasn’t. I sat down on Monday and just stared at the charts. I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails of it until I realized there were 3 sets of charts and each were a different size. After that, it didn’t take long to figure out I had started the medium size. Unfortunately, that took an hour!

I love how these socks are turning out. These are the first pair that I’m making for myself since those disastrous cotton ones way back when. I really look forward to wearing them, though they’ll probably be only for special, at home occasions. I’d be too scared to ruin them or get holes in them to wear them much more.

How do you pick your projects? Is it love at first sight, or do you search with a purpose?

16 thoughts on “C is for Cookie (A., that is)

  1. Beautiful knitting. I look forward to seeing a finished sock as the pattern is beautiful, but I would have never guessed sock.

  2. Both – some are love at first sight (baby dress for my pregnant friend) and some fill a need (purse for a relative’s birthday). The ones that fill a need, even if I’m happy to do them, are always harder to finish!

  3. Now why did you have to go and show me these – needless to say I just had to go over to Ravelry and buy it!!! I agree – lovely pattern, can’t wait to get started. Something for evenings in front of the TV I think.

  4. I LOVE Cookie A! I’ve made Monkey (because seriously who hasn’t?!?)
    I definitely do a little of both. Sometimes I want a certain something so I cruise Ravelry, and sometimes I see something and can think of nothing else until its on my needles!!

  5. I love these and am goinng right over to buy the pattern myself! (like I need another project!) 😉

    For me, it depends on what else I’m doing while I knit or crochet (or handstitch). If chatting with my Aunty (93 and dealing with dementia), I do something fairly simple so I don’t have to pay too much attention to it. I’m staying with her every other week and I can’t just sit and chat for hours without keeping my hands busy.

    I know I should be finishing my multitude of UFOs, but the lure of a new project is irresistible (not that I resist, you know!).

    Colour plays a large part in my choice, too, all else being equal. ~ Linne

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