Week Wrap-Up: Staycation!

A giant gargoyle in the making

A giant gargoyle in the making

Well, hello there! I know there’s been complete radio silence from me over the week. My husband and I have been enjoying a relaxing during our staycation.

I feel like I’ve been unproductive for an entire week. I realize that’s not entirely true. It’s just weird not being at work! My routine was completely tossed out the window, which was kind of fun. The house is clean(ish). We made a large pile of stuff to give away or take to Goodwill. The table is in the spare room, and the elliptical is in the former dining area (hopefully this will get me back into the working out mood). Kitten corner is all assembled. We have curtains over the blinds that the kittens killed. My weight loss goal board is hung up and in plain view. So, yes, I know technically I wasn’t unproductive.

The one project I worked on was not from my WIPs list. Ken said that I should pick some kind of vacation project that has no obligations attached, just something to work on for the fun of it. I decided to go for something kooky and a little out of my normal project range.

I have been working on My Giant Gargoyle by Phoeny. As you can see from the picture above, I still have a long way to go. The actual body is complete. I still need feet, hands, wings, and facial features. The nice thing about this project is there is no pressure to finish at a certain time. He can sit on my shelf as a creepy voodoo doll like creature.

I have been sewing him together as I go. Usually, with toys, I knit all the pieces and assemble them together. Because this project is knit flat (technically), there are a lot of seams. I just saw myself reaching the end and facing all those seams. I’m better at them than I was, but if I can avoid them, I will. In fact, I kind of cheated. I did the body knit flat, but then converted the head, arms, and legs into in the round. I still have to seam, but it’s horizontal, which I find much easier than vertical.

My biggest challenge so far has been with the yarn. I’m using Fisherman’s Wool. Let me preface by saying I normally have no trouble at all with this yarn. I think I just got a dud skein. The yarn breaks all the time. It’s like there’s not enough twist or something. I think the project will be okay in the end, but seaming has been a struggle with the yarn constantly breaking.

What have you been up to this past week?

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  1. I have just popped over to Ravelry to check out the finished item and pattern as I hadn’t come across a knitted gargoyle. Looks excellent!

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