A couple of little hats


It’s Friday? I think this is the first time in a long time where I’m shocked we’re already here. It feels like it should be Wednesday. I suppose that happens when you’re on the go go go!

So, a couple of weeks ago, during Knitting and Crocheting Blog Week, I created a wordless post, focusing on two little hats. Because it was wordless, I didn’t say a thing, didn’t even name the hats. I figured I’d go back and do that now.

The one on the left is completely improv. I had a little yellow and pink Loops & Threads Charisma leftover from the minion. What you see is a complete hat. What is hidden in this picture is that I ran out of yarn near the top. I threaded the yarn through the stitches, pulled tight, pulled tighter, and nothing. There’s still this hole. Because I ran out of yarn, I had to stop sooner than I wanted to, before I was completely done decreasing. Maybe a pompom will help hide that. Or maybe I’ll just toss it. I’m not that attached.

The one on the right isย little scallopsย byย maria carlander. I made this hat in a day, which surprised me. We left for a wedding around 1-ish, and by the time we were pulling up to the church at 5-ish, I was done. Well, sort of done. I still had to weave in ends, but the knitting part was finished. I was quite pleased! I love the pattern. The chart is handwritten, or hand drawn, which I got a kick out of. It worked perfectly. I would definitely knit this hat again, but in a larger size (for me!). There are very clear instructions for how to increase the size.

This week I worked on nothing but the monkey. I’m pleased to say she is completely done! I’ll post pictures and talk more about her as soon as she’s been gifted, which is next week I think. She’s waiting at the office to go to her new home shortly.

How was your week? Glad it’s Friday or as shocked as I am that the week is already over?

9 thoughts on “A couple of little hats

  1. I like the scallop pattern too. And wow aren’t you fast! I am so slow at knitting lol. It used to take me several days just to make a washcloth. I think you did a great job :). Have a good day!

  2. That scallop pattern is adorable.
    I am so glad it’s Friday. I feel like I’ve worked a 7 day week so I’m glad it’s over and the crafting can start.

  3. So stinking glad its Friday!!! Don’t toss the sweet little yellow hat, throw a pom pom on there and donate it if you don’t want it. I love the scallops, and in these colors it looks super classy!

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