Weekend Wrap-Up: A Tale of Too Many WIPs

One of my many WIPs

One of my many WIPs

Sigh. I have too many WIPs going on. I realize that, even as last week I cast on my first pair of Cookie A. socks. It’s time to get some work done.

My main focus right now is the monkey (pictures to follow after gifting). I spent almost all of yesterday working on her and managed to finish knitting all the pieces and sewing most of them together. I have one leg left, and I have to make her a dress. I’m thinking something short and ruffly.

The other WIPs are as follows:

  1. Ellington Socks by Cookie A
  2. Leaf Evolution Mystery KAL by Tetiana Otruta
  3. Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus
  4. A Thneed by me!
  5. Simple Fingerless Mitts by Tinksdarkerside
  6. Sport Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel (5/15/07) by Wendy D. Johnson
  7. Linen Stitch to the Rescue by Audrey Knight
  8. very simple garter stitch shawl by Annmarie Aquino
  9. An Aran for Frederick by Kathleen Dames
  10. the beekeeper’s quilt by tiny owl knits
  11. Knit-a-Long 12″ Afghan Square: Waffle Stitch by Waco Knitters
  12. Some kind of shawl for mom

First priority is the monkey. The birthday girl’s big day is approaching quickly, so I want to get that to her parents in plenty of time. After that, I’m thinking of making May and June my wrap-up months. I’m going to finish all my small WIPs and work on mom’s shawl. I’m actually thinking of using mom’s yarn for the mystery KAL. Tetiana Oruta has beautiful designs, so I’m sure this shawl is no different. Plus, I’ve been having a hard time sticking to a pattern with this yarn. We’ll see.

So, the plan is this: follow the clues to work on mom’s shawl throughout this month and into next. I should be done by mid-June, then, with that WIP. In between, I’ll finish Dad’s sock, do the very last repeat on the dishcloth (sad how long that’s taken, really), start and finish the second mitt, finish the Ellington socks, finish the simple garter shawl, and do the KAL square.

The projects that won’t get done in a month will be the beekeeper’s quilt (I’m an optimist, but a realist; 500 is way too many for 2 months), Ken’s sweater, the linen stitch scarf, and the Thneed. I have to have the Thneed done in time for Christmas, so I have some wiggle room there. I also need to design and make a Fair Isle hat, preferably double-knit (gulp) by August. That’s why I really want to crank the smaller projects out, so I have time to work on that.

It’ll be good to get some projects off my needles! I’ve run out of project baskets and bags.

What are you working on?


21 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: A Tale of Too Many WIPs

  1. Our projects can be overwhelming, can’t they? Sounds like you have a good plan though. I am cross stitching a bird and cherry blossoms on my Asian Joan Elliott Round Robin as well as knitting another Pidge scarf. I have so many things I want to start but I have a couple of other projects that need finishing, too. Good luck with all of your stitching 🙂

  2. Nice to have a plan. I have a sweater in need of blocking, a shawl that needs just the edging, a cowl that may be done, but’s still in my work basket, and tons of hexi-puffs that the puppy keeps trying to steal… Our local yarn shop tour is next week, and then I’ll have even more. The joys of knitting.

  3. Glad you have a plan! I have three things on the go – a sweater for next winter for myself, a crochet blanket and a lace-weight shawl in a lovely dark maroon colour. That’s enough for me!

  4. At the moment I am on the sleeves of a jumper for myself, also another jumper for me that I am having problems with the pattern, I may persevere or just do another pattern and a cardigan for my Granddaughter, I only have the button and buttonhole bands to do on that and sew it up. Not that many but I find that if I leave a project I have a problem re-starting.

  5. WIPs are wonderful – you always have something appropriate on the needles. Something that’s a bit of a challenge, something simple, something small to stick in a bag…

  6. Good luck! I currently have way too much going on too >.< I need to just buckle down and finish some stuff, but I am so ADD about projects.

  7. Like the list…. currently two knitting WIP’s – a shetland lace shawl and a pair of fingerless mitts… a couple of crochet thing (shawl and irish lace)… and we won’t even look at the sewing basket! A big thing and a small thing of each craft, that way when I get fed up with the big thing I can do somehting small and satisfying…. well, that’s the theory :). Good luck with the list!

  8. This is ALWAYS my problem. Too many great projects that just keep getting pushed aside for new ones. I need to focus and buckle down.

  9. I have tonnes of projects and STILL start new ones! Must be a missing gene, there, somewhere; the ‘finishing’ gene! LOL
    I started a pair of Oma’s slippers and am nearly done the second one. I’ve been handstitching quite a bit, as I sit and chat with my Aunty (or watch the hockey with her). Yesterday I found the handwoven bag my Mum made for me; in it are several knitted bears at various stages of incompletion. So they are likely next up. Today i saw the most gorgeous shawl, though (see the re-blog on my site) and as soon as I find some suitable yarn (or maybe I’ll use a bit of my stash, suitable or not LOL), I’m starting one of those, too. I already bought the pattern!!

    So if you’re expecting me to help you whittle down your pile of WIPs, you’re looking at the wrong person . . . ~ Linne

  10. ‘What are you working on?’

    Too many things (WIP) – sorted all my yarn stash and now have more ideas floating around my brain.
    Take care

  11. You can do it! At least you don’t have to worry about what to do next when you finish something. Right now I’m working on a design for a baby dress, two pairs of plain stockinette socks, a Goodale cardigan, and a Beekeeper’s Quilt.

  12. Wow, lots of WIPS!

    I try so hard not to start one thing before I finish the last, so I am slogging through the second of a pair of socks (sometimes I wish we only wore one of a kind, as I love the first one, and then am bored with the second. Always.) Then I am not sure what is next – probably more hats, and a CAL in June.

  13. Lol, it sounds like your mind is always working on what you are going to do next — I do feel for you! There are so many wonderful things to make and just not enough time to do them all!

  14. I’m creating socks for my little girl with extremely long feet!! Find bootee patterns too hard to alter and most are too short and wide. Bit of fun and hopefully they won’t end up as a WIP!

  15. Well, you just made me feel better about my WIPs. I don’t have nearly as much on my plate as you. Hope all goes well.

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