Day 3: Infographic

Passions: Knitting, Yarn, Crafts (General)

Passions: Knitting, Yarn, Crafts (General)

Ok, so I’m no graphic designer or artist, but I can doodle the heck out of a post-it note!

Today’s topic is to make an infographic. That was tough! I love infographics. I think they’re amazing ways to convey information. I’m not entirely sure how much information you actually get from mine, though. Just that I’m a knitaholic, I suppose!

18 thoughts on “Day 3: Infographic

  1. I can relate to the knitaholic thing. I finally mastered the increase the way it is supposed to be done correctly, and I just want to keep trying and learning and doing new things. It is such fun, especially when you can cast off and say, “I made that.”

  2. One thing I notice is that “knitting” is written very clearly, “yarn” somewhat clearly, and the last one…I’m not sure what that says. I think the first word is “craft.” So anyway, this seems to reflect your priorities, with knitting most important 🙂 Well done.

  3. Love the pie chart! I understand it perfectly. You love knitting 🙂 But I have to agree with alphabetstory, where’s the chocolate?

  4. Oh my god. LOVE IT! As if I wasn’t already obsessed with infographics as it is! Now I may have to start doodling some of my own on post-its. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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