Day 2: Mascot Project



Today’s topic is to think up a project that best suits the house we chose, whether of the animal’s nature or of the animal itself. Or bug in my case.

Bees are industrious, busy, and fearless, as we talked about yesterday. Trying to come up with a project that enveloped these three characteristics into one was a bit of a challenge. Honestly, the first thing that popped into my head were hexipuffs.

I’ve been asked a few times, so I’ll clarify. Hexipuffs are the little pieces you make for the Beekeeper’s Quilt by tiny owl knits. Fitting, right? Bees and all? These tiny little projects are perfect because they’re easily portable and quick to knit up. That means I can stay busy on the go or make a dozen when I get home from work with no trouble. Busy. That’s the key. These hexipuffs keep you busy without being overwhelming.

The other part of today’s topic is to discuss how we decide what projects to make. My inspiration comes from blogs as well as Ravelry. Every morning, I get up and peruse a lot (LOT) of blogs. You can find inspiration almost anywhere, so I don’t focus solely on knitting. I like to try other crafts as well, so I keep an open mind. For instance, I can’t remember where I spotted it, but recently an embroidery hoop clock caught my eye. I can do basic embroidery, so this could be a fun project!

I don’t know that I have one set method when it comes to choosing a knitting project. More often than not, I see something I like, rummage through my stash, and then get started. If I don’t have the yarn in my stash, I don’t make the project. If someone asks me for something in particular, I will go out and get the yarn.

Fearless is what I called it yesterday, I think. I choose projects solely on how much I like the finished project (even though I’m still a process knitter), not on the skill level. I never look at a project thinking I can’t do something. In fact, it bugs me when I hear that from others. You can’t because you haven’t. I encourage everyone to just try, but to also be okay with failing. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll have to rip out the project and start over or start something new. Unless you’re me and walk with your knitting. Then the worst thing that can happen is getting impaled by a needle when you (I) inevitably fall (yeah, twice now but not yet impaled).

How do you pick your projects?

20 thoughts on “Day 2: Mascot Project

  1. I love reading how you decide on a project:) Mine is very much a gut instinct based on the finished projects on blogs or ravelry. I can love a pattern but I need to be sold by success projects knit by others.

  2. I love Tiny Owl Knits! I have a basket of hexipuffs in a basket that I try to add to every couple of days, it’ll probably take a year but be totally worth it. As for projects, I fail on a daily basis it seems, but I learn something new every time! Good luck!

  3. My first two hexipuffs were a mess, but I got the third one right. I stuffed it with–you guessed it–the scissored up remains of the first two hexipuffs!

    I have a bunch of unfinished projects sitting around–that will be my challenge–to finish something before I try anything new. I’ll have to pick up an unfinished entrelac project since my sisters volunteered me to teach someone to knit entrelac. Hoo!

  4. You’ve picked a very fitting mascot project. I love the hexipuffs. My inspiration comes from Ravelry, blogs and podcasts. Sometimes I pick a project just because “I want to know how to do that”.

  5. I am going to check out those hexpuffs – because right now I use up my little bits making hats, until I have too little for that, then I crochet squares that will someday be enough for a blanket. All of these I give away – but your puffs are so cute – I would rather do that. Not sure how I feel about sewing them all together, but I’ll worry about that later. You ask how I choose projects – well, it varies. Sometimes I look for things because I want to add something to my wardrobe, like, say a blue sweater. So I will look around until I find one that is interesting to knit. But other times, I will find yarn I like and go to an old standby pattern. I have a neck-down raglan sweater pattern that I have made at least a dozen times over the last 30 years. I still don’t have enough of them (I did give some away, no fear!) I also check out magazines – I am always looking for things that are a challenge in their intricacy but aren’t too big, to offset my simple go-to patterns. So I have done lots of lace knitting lately, and some socks – although, now they are getting easy… I also like to adapt patterns I see or am told about – currently making a cowl that was designed to be one long loop, but I want to be able to wear it different ways, so I am making it more like a scarf with buttons on the end. So, if I can find the right buttons, it will be a pretty, versatile garment, and if I can’t, it will be a scarf with two buttonholes on one end. 🙂

  6. I, too, chose the bee. I choose projects based on the finished product….and then go buy the yarn. I haven’t accumulated a stash yet, so I can fly around buzzing everywhere…….choosing the yarn is soooooo hard!

  7. I do get a lot of inspiration from Ravelry, Craftsy and blog surfing. I think a lot of what determines my projects is colour. I will see a ball of yarn and decide what it needs to be based on the colour.

  8. I, too, picked the Beekeeper’s Quilt as the mascot for The House of Bee. I do find that it is incredibly fitting for our house and your description of it was perfect!

  9. It is all about the occassion and mood for me. If I see something and it catches my eye I am usually at my LYS in a matter of days. These hexipuffs look like a good in between project.

  10. I walk with my knitting too! I’ve never found anyone else that does, here I thought I was a bit crazy, I definitely get some strange looks. I’ve never fallen because I was knitting and walking, though I have walked into things while reading and walking.

  11. Your hexipuffs are so pretty!!! Love them! For me, I tend to browse blogs as well, but sometimes inspiration hits while spinning the yarn..

  12. I managed to impale my foot recently because I left a metal knitting needle on the floor and stood on it! I love that quilt, may have to make one myself!

  13. i love my hexipuff project too! and i also look on ravelry for ideas, as well as internet searches if I’m looking for something specific, but i mostly find surprise ideas in newsletters from yarn companies, blog subscriptions, etc.

  14. I love your fearless attitude. I hope that is also how I tackle craft: bite off more than I can chew and then chew like crazy. Where’s the fun if you don’t learn or try something new along the way?

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