Catching Up

This has felt like the busiest week ever, but hallelujah! It’s Friday!

It’s been a go-go-go kind of week from the very start. I started a new online class, we fulfilled a big order at work, and I’ve been working on a very important project while at home. Now I know why I knit so much this past weekend. I didn’t have much time for it the whole rest of the week. I started a couple projects, but overall, not much progress.

Speaking of the weekend, On Monday, I wrote about all of the projects I had on the needles. It is getting a bit crazy. A couple of people asked to see the projects, so I thought I’d take this time to catch up and share.

1. Dad’s Socks: We have one completed sock for dad. The ends have not been woven in, nor has the sock been blocked. I like to block both socks at once, so it’ll be a while. I was hoping for a quick turnaround with these socks like I had with Ken’s, but life happens. Dad’s not in a big rush, so it’s not a problem.


2. Hand Warmers: I made one. I know I really should make another so I have a pair. The yarn is soft and the color is quite nice. The problem is, their improv and I didn’t really take notes. I think I should be able to figure out what’s going on by looking at the first one, but we’ll see.


3. Chunky Cowl: There’s no real rhyme or reason behind this project. The weather is heating up here in Central Texas, so I won’t be able to wear this for months. Still, I’ve been on a stash-busting kick lately. I just have felt like using up everything I have. This is also an improv project. I’m doing the linen stitch (obsessed, I told you!) in the round.


4. Baby Hat: The baby hat is the one thing I’ve started this week. I told mom I’d have a couple of baby hats ready by Saturday, but I’ll be lucky if I just get this one done. If nothing else, it’ll be available to donate to charity!


5. Washcloths: I finished 2 washcloths over the weekend. I used the Leaf Lace Washcloth pattern by Jan Eaton. Overall, I’m happy with how they turned out. Their definitely more decorative than anything else. I will say, the color photographs horribly. It’s a pale green, and even in the natural light, it looks washed out and faded.



6. Plied yarn: Yeah, so here’s what happened with that. I was unwinding my spindle onto the swift. I know you’re supposed to use a niddy-noddy or the back of a chair, but I thought I was being smart. Well, I didn’t tighten the swift enough, so as I unwound my spindle, it began to drop. Very slowly drop, so slowly I didn’t notice it at first. The end result is a very thick, short loop of yarn that took forever to dry.


7. Selbu Modern Hat: I don’t want to talk about it. I didn’t use stitch markers to mark my repeats, messed up, and have shelved the project.



8. Hexipuffs! I made about 12. I think. Here’s my growing collection.


Tonight, I’m finishing the baby hat when I can find the time. My little brother and I are taking cats to get their shots. I’m sure that will be a fun experience. Luckily, I’m making brother drive, so I can knit in the car. After that, it’s pizza and Doctor Who reruns! Then, this weekend we’re going to a wedding, so I don’t know how much knitting I’ll be doing.

Happy Friday! What are your crafting plans for the weekend?

19 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on track. I need to check on the various stages of my own projects.

  2. You’re like me, TONS of projects in the making! Except with me, not many of them are finished!

  3. Those are all turning out so nice. I especially like the washcloth. What fun! I’m with Leah, I can’t wait to see how they turn out.:)

  4. getting caught up on my sewing and knitting projects – that is the norm for me on the weekends. 🙂 I see your beautiful creations and wonder if some day I will learn how to make socks.

  5. I seriously have no idea how you have time to do so much! I have two projects, and with work and house cleaning/dinner making/laundry doing I have very little time to work on knitting. But you go girl! Its so fun to see what you’re working on.
    Oh and I started the Bosc scarf and I didn’t like the color of the yarn I was using (boring) so I took it out and I’ll probably hold off on that one til Fall! Loved yours though!

  6. All of your projects look wonderful. I don’t have anything on needles right now, but soon more pidge scarves. Several cross stitches going though.

  7. I usually have at least 3-4 projects on my needles too. Right now, I’m finishing up a cardigan (I hate sleeves!), making a lace shawl for a friend who is getting married in June, started a summer sweater last night, and I have a set of dishtowels going for something to grab for the car. I recently saw an open summer shawl on another blog, so I think I might start that as well. I love to have a choice when I sit down to knit.

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